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Deha & Emana®’s innovative leggings pamper your skin with every step

DEHA, the lifestyle brand with roots in dance and movement has chosen EMANA® Perfect Skin technology – produced and distributed in Europe exclusively by Fulgar – to create two sets of leggings, a long and a Capri model.

EMANA® Perfect Skin is an OEKO-TEX® Class I certified smart polyamide-based yarn produced using technology that transforms body warmth into energy, developed and patented by RHODIA – SOLVAY GROUP. Through the bio-active minerals contained in the fibre the EMANA® technology absorbs the warmth of the human body and restores it naturally to the skin in the form of far infrared rays, stimulating the micro-circulation of blood in the skin. The action of EMANA® depends on the garment the special yarn is used in. In this way the simple style of the DHA leggings combines with the functional benefits of Fulgar’s EMANA® Perfect Skin fibre.

Once put on these garments help reduce the unsightly appearance of cellulite and enhance the skin’s elasticity and tone while ensuring outstanding comfort and well-being during movement, as they are super-breathable.

As a result the DEHA leggings, made with Fulgar’s EMANA® Perfect Skin yarn, are the ideal choice for all dynamic, sport-loving women seeking a product that provides maximum effectiveness in terms of micro-circulation in the skin. These activewear garments offer a unique combination of distinctive benefits and are the ideal response to the requirements of today’s aware, demanding female consumers.

DEHA leggings with EMANA® Perfect Skin by Fulgar are on sale at and at authorised retailers. The price ranges from 59.90 euro for the Capri version to 69.90 for the long version.

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