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Texhibition, Istanbul 2024: One roof assembling trends with innovation

Bringing global buyers together with the industry with the cooperation of Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporter Associations (İTHİB) by İTKİB FAIRS INC, the Fifth edition of Exhibition Istanbul Fabric, Yarn and Textile Accessories Fair kicked off at the Istanbul Expo center on 6 March to 8 March 2024. This year’s event, with its spotlight on denim and a strategic move upmarket, reflects the evolving landscape of fashion where tradition meets innovation. Amidst the bustling halls, industry leaders and creatives gather, signaling a new era for Turkish textiles, one that honors its rich heritage while boldly striding into a future defined by luxury and sustainability. 

Before the Covid pandemic, the French trade fair Première Vision was held in Istanbul; however, since then, Turkish players have taken over this task, and the fair is organized by the Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters Association (Ithib), a member of the Turkish Fashion and Textile Association Itkib. The stakes are high for the country, which, unlike other producing countries such as Tunisia and Morocco, has integrated production capacities that allow it to carry out all (or nearly all) production phases in the textile and clothing industries.

Texhibition Istanbul at a glance:

  • Over 35,000 square meters in five halls, around 560 exhibitors will be presenting a wide range of products such as woven goods, knitwear, denim, accessories, imitation leather
  • Over 30,000 trade visitors are expected from more than 100 countries, including the European Union, Great Britain, the USA, North Africa and the Middle East
  • New: Yarn Hall with 41 exhibitors and BlueBlackDenim Hall with 21 exhibitors
  • Inspiration and creation at Exhibition: Digital Art Exhibition, Texhibition Trends by Idil Tarzi & Creative Team, Innovation Hub

Due to popular demand, the fair has been expanded to five halls, including the new Yarn Hall (Hall 8) with exhibitors such as Sasa, Aksa, Kerafiber, Kortex, Tepar, Ensar, Kaplanlar and Iskur and the BlueBlack Denim Hall (Hall 7), which showcases the latest denim trends and presents a wide range from iconic blue shades to black denims with exhibitors such as İsko, Çalık Bossa, Kipas and İskur. BlueBlack Denim is designed by the well-known designer Idil Tarzi in cooperation with the creative directors Gönül Altunisik and Selvi Yigci. Visitors can expect an impressive, multi-faceted range.

One floor where trends meet innovation:

The Texhibition promises an astonishing array of innovations, trends, and high-quality products from every aspect of the textile business. It is a showcase for the most recent advances in the area of organic, sustainable, recycled, and ecological fabrics. Texhibition Fashion Trends Idil Tarzi and her creative team curate the Texhibition Trend Area in Halls 4 and 5, which showcases the latest color trends, materials, and accessories. The Innovation Hub, directed by well-known designers Arzu Kaprol and Filiz Tunca, shows technological advancements that add value to textile production, from fiber to yarn, textiles to garments. Visitors have enjoyed a one-of-a-kind trade fair experience.

Figure: Texhibition Istanbul, Source: Texhibition Istanbul

Materials that are parts of fabric production in Turkey:

At Texhibition Istanbul, the displayed materials were organized in different halls:

  • Hall 4 featured 145 suppliers of knitted fabrics such as jersey, jacquard and wool
  • Hall 5 showcased 126 suppliers of polyester, poly viscose, viscose and acrylic
  • Hall 6 brought together 70 suppliers of wool, cotton and shirting fabrics while 121 manufacturers of accessories such as buttons, zips and the like as well as yarns could be found in
  • Hall 7, which was dedicated to the new “Blue Black Denim Trend Area”, a denim area newly opened for the spring/summer 2025 season. It offered original presentations with streetwear creations showcased in a construction site aesthetic
  • Hall 8 showcased cotton yarns as Turkey produces 65 percent of its cotton domestically and imports the rest mainly from the USA, Greece and Egypt.
Figure: Blue Black Denim Trend Area, Texhibition Istanbul March 2024 Credits: F. Julienne

In this regard, the stunning outfit constructed from jeans waste designed by Alldenims deserves to be mentioned. The company, one of the few operated by two women, manufactures denim garments for an international audience while simultaneously developing its own brand, Syga. The denim producer situated in southern Turkey emphasized the importance of the country’s positioning in the denim sector while also taking on social and environmental responsibility. It uses 45% traditional cotton, 35% recycled cotton (from collected cotton garments), 15% organic cotton (produced without chemical fertilizers or pesticides), and 5% regenerative cotton (agricultural practices that naturally enhance soil quality and restore soil fertility).

Increasing material range as well as sustainability:

The aim of Texhibition was to deliver the key trends for Spring/Summer 2025, including innovations and news regarding sustainable and eco-friendly developments. The focus was on bio-based fabrics, biodegradability, natural stretch, new recycled materials and others, highlighting concepts such as waste, overconsumption and its impact.

Figure: Hub Innovation Texhibition Istanbul March 2024 Credits: F. Julienne

Other sectors, such as the Trends Creative Hub for Knitwear and Wovens, emphasized sustainability while taking a premium approach. With “Silent Luxury” (knitwear, Hall 4), the Luxury Hub, which represents niche tastes, addressed fashion from the standpoint of “minimalism of a new age” and stressed elegance, high-quality materials (virgin wool, cashmere, cotton and wool), exclusivity, uniqueness, and craftsmanship. The term “Vegan Jungle” referred to novel processes produced from plants, fruits, and seeds that provide a variety of recyclable materials that are biodegradable at the same venue.

Figure: Vegan Jungle, Texhibition Istanbul March 2024 Credits: F. Julienne

In the woven goods area (Hall 5), “The Talented Mr Ripley,” based on the US remake of the French film “Plein Soleil”, a summer tragedy set in the world of luxury and laziness, referred to the film’s stylish wardrobe: knitted ties, cashmere sweaters, elegant linen shirts, and chinos.

Upstream of Turkish Textile export:

Türkiye is a major textile-producing country in the world, with integrated manufacturing capability that can handle all phases of the textile and garment industries. In 2023, Turkey’s textile and clothing sectors exported a total of $28.5 billion. With an annual export of $12 billion, the Turkish textile sector ranks fifth in worldwide textile exports and is the second largest exporter to the EU.

Turkish fabrics and textile accessories are in high demand around the world due to their high quality, inventiveness, and commitment to sustainable production. This reputation is strengthened by Türkiye’s long history and expertise in textile manufacture, which enables a wide range of products, from traditional designs to cutting-edge fashion fabrics. Furthermore, the sector’s emphasis on eco-friendly procedures and ethical sourcing is consistent with global environmental norms, which increases its appeal to foreign markets. The Turkish textile industry’s responsiveness to market trends and ability to adjust rapidly to changing customer tastes help to ensure its global competitiveness and success.

The Texhibition Istanbul Fabric, Yarn, and Textile Accessories Fair provides not only a diverse range of products, but also an exciting environment in which the future of the textile industry is being fashioned. The Texhibition Istanbul Fabric and Textile Accessories Fair guarantees not only an outstanding variety of products, but also an inspiring environment in which the future of the textile industry is being formed.

Figure: Texhibition Istanbul showcases innovation with sustainability Source: FashionUnited

Fatih Zengin, Itkib’s deputy secretary general, stated that he wants to move upward in light of the collapse of the mid-price market, which includes Turkish-produced polyester. This depression was caused by the epidemic, lockdowns, inflation, and the war in Ukraine. In his opinion, the country is now a direct competitor of Portugal, but the difficulty is to compete on the same level as Italy. “We want to be a country that makes fashion and create our own brands,” he said. The next edition of Texhibition, which will take place from September 11th to 13th, 2024, will clearly demonstrate the materials development rang

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