DTG 2024 to unveil innovation in textile & garment industry

Dhaka Int’l Textile & Garment Machinery Exhibition – DTG 2024 will kick off at ICCB – International Convention City Bashundhara from 1st to 4th February 2024, which is concurrent with DitaTex – Dhaka Int’l Textile & Apparel Accessories Exhibition and DYECHEM – Dhaka Int’l Dyeing & Chemical Industry Exhibition.

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The prestigious 3-in-1 exhibitions are a collaborative effort between BTMA – Bangladesh Textile Mills Association and Yorkers Trade and Marketing Service Co., Ltd. These exhibitions showcase cutting-edge techniques, innovative solutions, and the latest trends within the textile and garment industry. Additionally, they contribute to fostering technological innovation across various facets of the entire textile and garment supply chains. Throughout the exhibition, suppliers from around the world will interact with local customers and develop new business opportunities. More than 40,000 trade visitors are predicted to attend and conduct purchasing on-site in the 4-day show.

Cutting-edge machinery from top global brands

Expect a convergence of over 1,100 globally renowned brands from 32 countries and regions, occupying 1,600 booths across 9 fully opened halls. As the cornerstone of Bangladesh’s flourishing economy, DTG 2024 is the driving force behind the nation’s rapid growth, with the textile and garment industries taking the lead. Global manufacturers are drawn to this mega platform, eager to establish a presence and explore lucrative business opportunities in the country.

Witness a comprehensive array of equipment, materials, and accessories essential for various stages of the textile and garment industrial chains, including spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing, printing, finishing, and garment manufacturing segments. Among them are top spinning equipment suppliers TRUETZSCHLER, RIETER, SAURER, MURATA, LMW, and CTMTC; weaving equipment brands ITEMA, and TOYOTA; Iconic knitting machinery brands LISKY, PAI LUNG, FUKAHAMA, CIXING, SHIMA SEIKI, KARL MAYER STOLL, and BEWORTH; major dyeing equipment suppliers CANLAR, FONG’S, and DILMENLER; high-profile international brands of printing machinery specialists such as MIMAKI, COLOREEL, and HOMER.

Furthermore, IMA, KURIS, RICHPEACE, and FK Group will showcase garment-cutting machines; TAJIMA will feature the number one embroidering machines; and there will be the world’s leading provider of industrial machine needles from GROZ-BECKERT and KERN-LIEBERS–DTG 2024 is your gateway to the latest advancements.

Hall 3 will special feature in DitaTex for various kinds of apparel fabrics, accessories, and fibers to meet market demands. The Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF) will lead a group of high-quality Taiwanese companies, adding an international flair to the vibrant showcase. Notably, renowned industry giant ASIA FIBRE will participate for the second consecutive year, underscoring the significance of DitaTex and highlighting the exhibition’s appeal as a prominent industry event.

A series of seminar sessions will be hosted from 1 to 4 February. Numerous keynote speakers from influential industry associations and enterprise, sharing professional expertise and exploring advancements of technologies on a topic of industry analysis, technology and process, automation, and implementing sustainability in textile industry. The seminars are an important opportunity for the textile and garment industry to come together and discuss how they can address the challenges and opportunities facing the sector.

The Rise of Bangladesh’s Textile and Garment Industry

Bangladesh’s textile and garment industry is gearing up for a thrilling growth trajectory, poised to claim more than 10% of the global market share by 2025, as forecasted by the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA). This optimistic outlook is driven by an anticipated surge in demand and a strategic advantage in the evolving global sourcing landscape, where countries are increasingly diversifying their supply chains.

According to the insights provided by CAL Bangladesh, a leading financial services firm in Sri Lanka, the apparel sector in Bangladesh had a brief dip in 2023. However, all signs point to a strong rebound in 2024 which will help the sector’s exports reach US $56 billion by 2026.

DTG provides comprehensive solutions for the entire textile and garment manufacturing chains

DTG 2024 is more than an exhibition; it’s a comprehensive solution provider for the entire textile and garment manufacturing chain. As we head into 2024, DTG remains committed to aligning with global industry trends, connecting with worldwide supply chains, and addressing the ever-growing demands of the sector.

Don’t miss the chance to engage with key players in the industry, both international and domestic, all under one roof. This platform offers a unique opportunity to stay ahead of market trends and immerse yourself in the innovative currents of the textile and garment sector. Stay tuned for further updates on DTG 2024 – where innovation meets opportunity!

For further information, please visit the official website: https://www.chanchao.com.tw/DTG, or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DTGexpo.

2024 The 18th Dhaka Int’l Textile & Garment Machinery Exhibition 2024 The 18th Dhaka Int’l Textile and Apparel Accessories Exhibition 2024 Dhaka Int’l Dyeing & Chemical Industry Exhibition
Venue:ICCB – International Convention City Bashundhara
Date1-4 February 2024
Time:February 1 (Thu.) – 3 (Sat.), 2024   12:00 – 20:00 February 4 (Sun.), 2024           12:00 – 19:30
Admission:1.             Trade visitors and professionals only 2.             Children under 16 are not admitted entry

Yorkers Trade & Marketing Service Co., Ltd.

Yorkers Trade & Marketing Service Co. Ltd. has been a leader in organizing Exhibitions & Trade Fairs in ASEAN and South Asia for over three decades. Yorkers have held numerous machinery-related events in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. Having amassed abundant experiences in the field, Yorkers Trade Fairs will serve as the best platforms for exploring trade opportunities in emerging markets.

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