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Fashion trend for F/W 2024-25: Bohemian meets punk

The fashion world always evolves, but some styles never go out of fashion. For the fall/winter 24-25 season, women’s wear welcomes fresh takes on bohemian and punk, two iconic movements that have influenced generations of designers and consumers. From floral prints and fringe details to leather jackets and metal studs, these trends offer a mix of romance and rebellion, nostalgia and innovation, comfort and edge. These trends are interpreted by different brands, celebrities, and influencers, now these trends are going like everyone can incorporate them into their wardrobe.

A recent trend forecasting firm brought an analysis into the spotlight about this season. Melissa Moylan, Fashion Snoops VP and creative director of women’s wear, described the drivers of the forecasting in a webinar hosted by MMGNET Group (formerly known as Informa Fashion Markets).

According to this webinar, the season can be broken down into three main themes:

  • Sentimental
  • Immersive
  • Chaos and fragile

Sentimental; Sensational comfort with vibrancy

One of the emerging trends for the fall/winter 24/25 women’s fashion is sentimental, a mood that evokes nostalgia, romance, and comfort. This trend reflects the desire for emotional connection and self-expression in a turbulent world.

“We’ve seen indications of this in the post-pandemic reality with more interest in upcycling,” Moylan said. “We also see an interest from consumers wanting to extend the value and lifespan of their goods by wanting to repair them, and additionally using or leveraging recycled materials.” Meanwhile, brands are looking back to the origins of everything from the raw materials they source to artisan techniques that bring a sense of charm to fashion. “We’re embracing some of the richness and skills of the past to carve our way forward,” Moylan said.

Core concepts of this theme

  1. These sentiments have resulted in a new type of bohemian maximalism, characterized by ornamented surfaces, fresh takes on classics, and a concentration on craftsmanship.
  2. Warmer tones such as baked pear, rose, and oxblood balance out saturated colors like dusk, purple, indigo, and inky blue.
  3. Embellishments and appliques enhance the originality of a garment.
  4. Tapestry jackets, intarsia sweaters, and patterned blazers are all key products.
  5. According to Moylan, the movement creates opportunities for designers to integrate deadstock or recycled materials. So, Patchwork denim is a simple way for manufacturers to get into upcycling.
Figure:  F/W 24-25 Women’s Wear Welcomes Fresh Takes on Bohemian and Punk Source: Yahoo

Immersive; Imagination is check-marked into reality

Immersive gives fashion a sleeker tech tone, inspired by artificial intelligence and how technology pushes imaginations into new dimensions. 

“It’s about a new state of existence that’s neither physical nor abstract,” Moylan said. “There is more flexibility in our design.”

Core concepts of this theme:

  1. Denoted by “bizarre fantasy”, this theme is shaped by a color palette of hyper-bright greens and pinks, darker cosmic blues or deep bottle greens. 
  2. Highlight products include slinky column dresses, glittering leggings, and scuba-inspired crop tops with surreal fabrics and patterns.
  3. The fashion also includes Y2K mainstays like tie-front shirts with bell sleeves, low-rise cargo pants, and bomber jackets with practical elements.
  4. Accessories such as Lurex mesh boots, spectacles with chrome frames, and jewelry with sphere-shaped pendants complete the futuristic look.

Chaos and fragility; where consumers live in uncertainty:

A theme that reflects “ongoing ambiguity” and how consumers are supposed to live with uncertainty- is the mindset that inspires “Chaos”.

“As the world pushes us to be more comfortable with the unknown, it cultivates a never-ending transformation and innovation,” Moylan said. “The anarchy of the universe could be something that we find unnerving but also liberating. So, it almost expands our point of view and disrupts our outlook,” she added.

Figure: Punk vibe in scuffed denim and glittering shoes Source: Sourcing. Journal

Core concepts of this theme:

  1. According to Moylan, a dramatic color palette includes earthly colors of red and orange as well as darker neutrals like Gunmetal and Java in this theme.
  2. Chaos’ style is represented in mended surfaces, ruptured textures, fractured structures, and a more industrial approach to crafting than Sentimental’s.
  3. Distressed denim, scuffed leather, and plaid provide a punk vibe to the motifs.
  4. Key pieces include leather and denim maxi skirts, cropped turtleneck shirts, and cropped jackets, particularly denim-inspired versions.
  5. Openwork sweaters, cargo trousers made of grittier materials like leather, and moto jackets are also present, giving the tale a cool ’90s vibe.
  6. The cool-girl vibe carries into accessories like acid-treated denim boots, glasses with red-tinted lenses, and oversized belts adorned with grommets.

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