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Manifattura Ceccarelli and Halley Stevensons collaborate to make waterproof denim

Manifattura Ceccarelli, an Italian brand founded in 1998 by Giuliano Ceccarelli, has partnered with Candiani Denim and Halley Stevensons Ltd to create a capsule collection of waterproof denim jackets. The collection, called “Water-Repellent and Warm Denim,” includes three jackets: the Denim Fisherman Parka, the Denim Heavy Shirt, and the Denim Deck Jacket.

The Challenge of Waterproof Denim

Denim is a popular fabric known for its durability and functionality. However, it is not traditionally waterproof. This makes it unsuitable for rainy or snowy weather. Giuliano Ceccarelli wanted to find a way to use denim in his collections all year round, so he partnered with Candiani Denim and Halley Stevensons Ltd to develop a waterproof denim fabric.

The Solution

Candiani Denim provided the raw denim for the collection. Halley Stevensons Ltd then finished the fabric with a special process that makes it waterproof while retaining its traditional look and feel. The inside of the jackets is lined with pure wool from sheep raised in Italy, 90% wool fur, and 100% cotton tartan fabric.

The Collection

The “Water-Repellent and Warm Denim” collection will be available in fall-winter 2024. The three jackets in the collection are:

  • The Denim Fisherman Parka: A long parka with a hood and plenty of pockets.
  • The Denim Heavy Shirt: A thick shirt that can be worn on its own or under a jacket.
  • The Denim Deck Jacket: A short jacket with a classic sailor style.

The Future of Waterproof Denim

The collaboration between Manifattura Ceccarelli, Candiani Denim, and Halley Stevensons Ltd shows that it is possible to make denim waterproof without sacrificing its traditional look and feel. This could lead to the development of more waterproof denim garments in the future.

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