Jeanologia transforms denim design with eDesigner

Jeanologia is boosting digitalization in eco-design with a new version of its eDesigner software.

Since its development in 2020, this innovative software for the digital creation of jeans has situated itself as the creative and eco-efficient technological alternative to traditional denim design, shaping the future of garment finishing.

The perfect editor for denim design

The new version of eDesigner offers a more intuitive user interface, as well as tools specific to jean design, providing a unique design experience. Worth highlighting is the “Trace” tool, which uses artificial intelligence to generate hyper-realistic designs from a single image.

It also features the possibility of working with digitized fabrics, thus enhancing hyperrealism with high-definition renders to ensure that the design seen on the screen is what will be obtained in production: “What you see is what you get”

Access to Jeanologia’s know-how

eDesigner also provides designers with a valuable source of inspiration and expertise through its Lightbrary, which gives users access to an extensive gallery of laser designs, vintage designs, wash effects, textures, tear and fray gallery, as well as a “Discover” section with trends and inspirational designs.

Jeanologia thus will share its know-how with designers, who will be able to create things from scratch or build on previous designs as a starting point for new creations.

Digital wash

The new eDesigner takes digitization to the next level, enabling the digital creation of patterns and garments and in doing so, reduces physical samples by 80 percent. This not only means significant savings in terms of resources, but also a substantial reduction in the carbon footprint generated by the transportation of samples.

The user can create digital cufflinks, combining digital patterns (eFit) with digital fabrics (eFabric), and partake in a truly authentic experience, as he or she will be able to analyze the results of wash applications on the fabrics.

All these innovations make it possible to shorten product development times by months, eliminating significant sample quantities and the now-unnecessary costs of shipping them around the world.

The perfect partner for the digitization of the development process

eDesigner acts as a fluid and agile two-way communication channel that connects laser designers with wash developers and brands with manufacturers. In this way, it speeds up the production and marketing of collections.

Once the design is finalized and the collection approved, the tool provides final digital files, which can be sent to production centers around the world to be converted into actual jean production.

As Jeanologia’s Marketing Director, Carmen Silla, explained: “Thanks to this tool we’ll enable infinite iterations at zero cost and impact, while standardizing formats and communication. We’ll improve production processes by making them more efficient and accelerate time-to-market, since we go from design, to sample and approval in a very short time.”

More than simply software, eDesigner is an eco-efficient digital transformation tool, destined to revolutionize the textile industry and contribute to its transformation into a more competitive, productive and sustainable industry.

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