Recover™ partners with EuRIC to advance EU textile recycling policies

Recover™ – a leader in Materials science – has joined the European Recycling Industries’ Confederation (EuRIC) Textiles with the aim to support EU institutions in framing these policies that will enhance Europe’s economic growth while considering the perspective of textile recyclers.

The move will see the fibre-to-fibre recycling specialist help frame economic growth policies that consider the perspective of textile recyclers.

Through this collaboration, Recover™ can contribute to shaping key EU policies and regulations that impact the recycling sector such as the End of Waste Criteria, the Waste Shipment Regulation, and the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation.

This partnership allows Recover™ to participate in working groups to formulate industry positions and acquire legal and technical support on EU regulatory matters. Also, our involvement in EuRIC Textiles enables our participation in high-level European recycling events, offering a platform for engagement among industry leaders, policymakers, and innovators to explore the path towards a more sustainable and circular textile sector.

EuRIC Textiles (European Recycling Industries’ Confederation) aims to be the leading voice for a competitive European recycling industry, enabling the circular economy and preserving resources for future generations.

Their main objectives are to connect the European recycling industries and other circular economy stakeholders, to act as a trusted partner between the European recycling value chain and policymakers and to provide specific and cross-sectoral expertise on a broad range of materials.

Euric Textiles was traditionally dominated by sorters aimed at facilitating reuse, but now Euric is witnessing a growing involvement of recyclers, both mechanical and chemical. EuRIC Textiles members come from various European countries and are active in the collection, sorting, preparing for re-use, recycling, transport, and marketing of used textiles, shoes, and accessories, gaining representation in the whole textile and footwear recycling value chain.

While EuRIC Textiles’ primary focus will be on promoting, representing, and protecting the collective interests of the European textiles reuse and recycling industry, it also seeks to cultivate collaborative ties with the textile industry, thus exploring mutual objectives.

At national level, Recover™ Spain is also joining FER (Federación Española de la Recuperación y el Reciclaje). FER is the Spanish recyclers association and a member of EuRIC. This association enables Recover™ to be in touch with important stakeholders in the Spanish textile recycling value chain, such as collectors, sorters, or other recyclers. In this sense, we can work together to provide a better understanding of textile recycling to the textile sector in Spain.

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