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Turkish yarn manufacturer Uğurlular embraces automation with ROBOspin robots

Uğurlular Textile Industry and Trade Inc., a leading yarn manufacturer in Turkey, has placed a significant order for ROBOspin, the industry’s first fully-automated piecing robot designed for ring and compact-spinning machines.

This move underscores the growing importance of automation in the textile industry, as companies like Uğurlular seek to enhance their competitiveness in a dynamic and cyclical market. By deploying over 30 ROBOspin units, Uğurlular aims to optimize production efficiency and gain a strategic edge.

Automation is increasingly becoming a decisive business factor for spinning mills. We are confident that Rieter’s ROBOspin solution will significantly support our growth while maintaining the exceptional quality of our yarn.

Osman Uğurlu, Member of the Board of Directors at Uğurlular

What is ROBOspin?

ROBOspin is the name of a fully-automated piecing robot specifically designed for ring and compact-spinning machines used in the textile industry. It’s manufactured by Rieter, a leading supplier of textile machinery.

Figure: Rieter ROBOspin

Here are the key points about ROBOspin:

  • Function: It automatically repairs yarn breaks (also known as “ends down”) that occur during the spinning process, both while the machine is running and during doffing (removing full bobbins).
  • Benefits:
    • Increased productivity: Operates 24/7, maintaining consistent machine performance and reducing downtime due to yarn breaks.
    • Reduced labor costs: Lowers manpower requirements by up to 50% as it efficiently handles piecing tasks previously done by human workers.
    • High piecing efficiency: Achieves up to 95% success rate in repairing yarn breaks, minimizing production losses.
    • Preserved yarn quality: Minimal contact between the robot and yarn ensures the yarn maintains its high quality.

Uğurlular, known for its commitment to innovation and technology integration, views this investment as a strategic step towards a successful future. Their sizeable order reflects the growing adoption of ROBOspin by spinning mills worldwide, signifying the transformative potential of automation in the textile industry.

About Uğurlular Textile Industry and Trade Inc.

Uğurlular is a prominent yarn manufacturer based in Turkey, producing over 100 tons of yarn daily across its ring, compact, and open-end factories. They export their products to 30 countries and are renowned for their commitment to quality and technological advancement.

About Rieter

Rieter is a global leader in the field of textile systems, offering a diverse portfolio of machinery, services, and digital solutions. Their innovative products, including ROBOspin, are designed to empower spinning mills to achieve greater efficiency, sustainability, and profitability.

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