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Ukrainian military tests fabrics for an Anti-Thermal imaging cape

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense is developing an anti-thermal vision cape to improve soldier invisibility against enemy night vision and thermal detection.

Key points:

  • The cape is designed to absorb infrared radiation emitted by the body, making soldiers invisible on thermal imaging devices.
  • Five fabric samples are undergoing testing, to find a material that is flexible, durable, and effective in various environments.
  • The cape needs to be resistant to weather conditions, and sunlight, and blend in with the surrounding terrain.
  • This development is part of ongoing efforts by the Ministry to improve the clothing and equipment provided to the Ukrainian military.
Photo: Ministry of Defence, Ukraine

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense is testing fabrics for a revolutionary new piece of equipment: an anti-thermal imaging cape (poncho). This innovative garment is designed to absorb infrared radiation, making soldiers virtually invisible to enemy night vision and thermal imaging devices.

Developed by the Central Department of Development and Material Support, the cape holds the potential to significantly improve the camouflage capabilities of Ukrainian troops. Five different fabric samples are currently undergoing rigorous testing, to find a material that is:

Infrared-absorbent: This is crucial for masking the wearer’s body heat signature, which is what thermal imagers detect.
Low thermal conductivity: This prevents heat transfer from the body to the environment, further reducing the wearer’s thermal footprint.
Durable and adaptable: The material needs to be flexible, weatherproof, and resistant to wear and tear from various environmental conditions. Additionally, it should not degrade under sunlight exposure.
Effective camouflage: The fabric needs to blend in with the surrounding terrain, providing visual concealment in addition to its thermal masking properties.

Deputy Minister of Defense Vitaly Polovenko highlighted the project’s significance, stating, “Our goal is to disguise the military and equipment from the enemy as reliably as possible.

This development is part of a larger effort by the Central Department to improve the quality and functionality of Ukrainian military clothing. Since the beginning of 2024, they have already approved six improved clothing items, including winter gloves, jackets, insulated pants, and thermal wear.

The testing of the anti-thermal imaging cape is ongoing, and its successful completion could provide a significant advantage to Ukrainian soldiers in the field.

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