Saurer exploring sustainable potentials for profitable textile business

Saurer Group is a globally leading operating technology group focusing on machinery and components for fibre and yarn processing. As a company with a long tradition, Saurer has always been a leader in innovation.

On the occasion of the Saurer OpenHouse 2024 event in Übach-Palenberg – Silke Huertos López, Senior Manager Laboratory, Saurer Group shared with Tex SPACE Today how Saurer is steering the textile industry toward a transformative future with fiber spinning.

Tex SPACE Today: Kindly share your journey.

Silke Huertos López: I have been the manager of the Saurer textile laboratory since 2017. My involvement with Saurer is nearly two decades. I have worked for Saurer in different positions – especially in manmade fiber (MMF) processing and recycled fiber processing.

For nearly two decades I have been working now for Saurer in different positions. I started as a textile engineer for rotor-spinning and could deep-dive into the textile world by visiting customers all over the world.

In 2017, I became the manager of the Saurer textile laboratory. Now the knowledge about the textile chain helps me – together with my team and colleagues – to support our customers and business partners with their needs.

Tex SPACE Today: Kindly share about Saurer textile laboratory.

Silke Huertos López: Here in Saurer Textile Laboratory is the sustainability hub in Germany. We have here nearly all the Saurer machinery. Here we do trials together with our business partners and customers.

And we can see that in recent years, the market shift is going toward recycled fibers and it has become a huge topic. The good thing for the market is that we can spin all types of recycled fibers – be it MMF or regenerated fiber – in all types of spinning machines. Like ring and rotor spinning machine i.e. automatic rotor spinning machine Autocoro 11 or Autoairo Air spinning machine.

In our textile laboratory, we can test recycled yarns like MMF or regenerated on our all types of machines. And see how the fibers blend and react. Thus, our customers benefit from these extensive outcomes.

Tex SPACE Today: Kindly share about the latest Saurer machine we are testing here to increase sustainability.

Silke Huertos López: The latest machine we are testing here is the Autoairo Air spinning machine. Which is more regenerated fiber-friendly. This machine can process all types of sustainable regenerated yarns like lyocell, and polyester. It blends well with cotton viscose or any other type of fiber.

But the demand of the market is moving toward recycled extreme – now by extreme means our Autocoro 11 can spin the shortest fiber or dirty, dusty fiber or delicate material easily.

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