TreeToTextile bringing new generation of bio-based fiber to market

Sweden-based TreeToTextile is a purpose-driven technology development company. At Heimtextil – the biggest international trade fair for home and contract textiles – it presented sustainable fiber technology and showed samples of its fiber properties in real applications.

Andreas Nilsson, Head of Commercial at TreeToTextile in an interview with TexSPACE Today shared its different aspects.

TexSPACE Today: Kindly share about TreeToTextile.

Andreas Nilsson: We are a fiber-producing company – bringing a new generation of bio-based and Research efficient fiber to the market. The company designed a process of converting the cellulose polymer into a textile fiber with a very low carbon footprint at a low environmental impact.

So, TreeToTextile is redesigning a chemical system providing a fiber with a very low carbon footprint. We have also created a new physical appearance of the fiber.

It has also developed a more natural and hand-filled MMCF which is a very good compliment to cotton and MMCF on the market.

Here they are meeting with many value chain partners and the response so far has been very good.

Figure: TexSPACE Today with TreeToTextile at Heimtextil.

TexSPACE Today: Kindly share TreeToTextile’s innovation.

The TreeToTextile technology is a new innovative chemical process – using renewable forest raw material and regenerating the cellulose into a textile fiber by spinning the dissolving pulp.

The process uses fewer chemicals, allowing for a more sustainable and cost-efficient process compared to conventional technologies and fibers. There are no sulphur emissions during the production and the water and the chemicals used are recycled and reused.

The innovation is still in development, now we are ready to scale up the production, intending to bring the fiber to the market to honor their visionary statement and also to inspire and catalyze new game-changing innovations and collaborations.

TexSPACE Today: Kindly share your plan for working with companies in Asia and Europe.

Andreas Nilsson: Recently TreeToTextile is looking forward to working with companies in Asia and Europe to bring their fibre to the market. TreeToTextile has created the possibility to put a new sustainable textile fiber on the market believing that the mix of competence and the global size of owners can give them a unique opportunity to make an impact on the textile industry for the benefit of the planet and everyone living on it.

Products like bed sheets, towels, t-shirts and other close-to-skin applications are the main products of them.

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