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Trützschler’s TRUECYCLED Offers a holistic approach to textile recycling

Textile waste is a growing global problem, but Trützschler, a leading textile machinery manufacturer, is making bold strides toward a solution. Their innovative TRUECYCLED system offers a holistic approach to mechanical textile recycling, aiming to revolutionize the industry.

First Full-Liner in Recycling

Trützschler has become the first full-liner in the preparation of textile waste. This means they offer a complete system encompassing the entire process, from the initial cutting and tearing of textile waste to the carding and drawing of the resulting secondary fibers. This comprehensive approach ensures optimal control and expertise at every stage, maximizing the quality of the recycled materials.

Collaboration and Expertise

The TRUECYCLED system is a product of Trützschler’s collaboration with Balkan Textile Machinery. The system has garnered significant interest, with Trützschler receiving numerous inquiries and customers already producing recycled yarns using TRUECYCLED lines. These state-of-the-art installations are meticulously configured and fine-tuned by Trützschler experts to meet each customer’s specific needs.

Figure: TRUECYCLED preparation process

The Importance of a Systems Approach

Recycling textile waste presents unique challenges. Torn fibers are typically shorter than virgin fibers, and a higher percentage of short fibers exists in the recycled material. Additionally, unopened yarn and fabric particles pose processing difficulties. Dr. Georg Stegschuster, a leading researcher in textile recycling, emphasizes the importance of a systems approach to address these issues. He advocates for control over both the tearing and spinning preparation processes, with the necessary expertise for each, to achieve optimal results and minimize fiber shortening.

Balancing Gentleness with Effectiveness

TRUECYCLED prioritizes a gentle yet effective approach. In some cases, less aggressive tearing settings are employed to minimize fiber breakage. This might necessitate handling the higher proportion of unopened fabric particles in a high-performance spinning preparation line. This line would begin with a strategically configured blow room for optimal opening, cleaning, and blending of the fibers.

Advanced Technologies for Superior Quality

The system incorporates advanced technologies to ensure gentle yet effective fiber treatment. The TC 30Ri card, designed specifically for recycling materials, facilitates this process. A shortened drafting process is achieved using the integrated IDF 3 draw frame. This draw frame offers a high enough draft for excellent leveling of the short fibers while preventing unwanted “floating fibers.

There is a lot of technological potential for improving the quality of the end-product through the right configurations and settings.There’s a growing number of examples that show how higher quality end-products can be achieved from recycled materials, and how the share of pre- or postconsumer waste in yarns can be increased without compromising on quality.

Georg Stegschuster, Textile Recycling Researcher

A New Chapter in Textile Recycling

The TRUECYCLED system marks a significant milestone in mechanical textile recycling. By offering a holistic approach, expert control over the entire process, and advanced technologies, Trützschler is paving the way for a more sustainable future for the textile industry. With TRUECYCLED at the forefront, a new chapter in high-quality textile recycling is unfolding.

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