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Trützschler TC-30i sets a new standard in carding

Trützschler TC 30i carding machine unveiled at the 2023 ITMA, it sparked excitement with its innovative features that elevate both performance and sustainability. Now, the TC 30i is officially available, ready to redefine carding for years to come.

Boosting Output and Quality:

The TC 30i boasts a 35% increase in active flats and a 14% longer carding length, amplified by the intelligent gap optimizer T-GO. This translates to 20% higher yarn production and superior yarn quality thanks to improved fiber distribution.

Consistency Without Compromise:

T-GO doesn’t just enhance performance; it ensures operator-independent efficiency. Its automatic and continuous carding gap setting guarantees consistent results every time, regardless of operator skill level.

Sustainable Production, Reduced Waste:

The TC 30i prioritizes environmental responsibility. A redesigned suction system separates waste types, enabling 50% card waste reuse. Additionally, the proven WASTE CONTROL system minimizes unnecessary fiber loss, promoting the economical use of raw materials.

Tailored Solutions for Every Need:

Recognizing the diverse needs of the industry, Trützschler offers a dedicated TC 30i version specifically for textile recycling. This model tackles the challenges of processing secondary fibers, ensuring efficient and eco-friendly production with recycled materials.

The Future of Carding is Now:

The TC 30i isn’t just a machine; it’s a revolutionary leap in carding technology. Its focus on performance, consistency, and sustainability makes it the ideal partner for textile manufacturers seeking to maximize quality, optimize production, and minimize environmental impact.

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