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TexSPACE Today starts its journey at ITMA 2023

TexSPACE Today – an apparel media, communication & networking platform – came into being at the world’s largest international textile and garment technology exhibition ITMA 2023. As in this year’s International Textile Machinery Association (ITMA) 2023 international exhibition – it was crystal clear that the global textile and apparel industry was focusing on three key aspects. They are sustainability, circularity driven by sustainability and automation.

TexSPACE Today-inauguration-ITMA-2023
Figure: TexSPACE Today inaugurated at ITMA 2023.

The launching ceremony took place at the grand reception of Bangladeshi buyers’ delegation led by Textile Today and given by ITMA Services Pte Ltd.

Andrew Lin, Assistant Director – Exhibitor Support, ITMA Services Pte Ltd said, “This is a significant milestone and I hope that TexSPACE Today will lead the way for innovation in the industry.”

Global and Bangladeshi textile industry leaders highlighted that – as the necessity of innovation, circularity and sustainability in the global textile and apparel industry has grown like never before. Keeping this aspect in mind – TexSPACE Today will cater and disseminate knowledge driven by innovation – to lead the global sector toward a more sustainable future.

TexSPACE Today is poised to redefine the textile industry on an international scale. And to bolster the future of global connectivity and cater to the future of global connectivity and information propagation.

TexSPACE Today, an e-magazine, would serve as a catalyst to transform the textile and apparel industry for good. The SPACE stands for Stainability, Precision, Automation, Circularity, and Energy. TexSPACE would stand by cutting-edge solutions, inspiring stories, shed light on best practices and cultivate practical approaches to embrace sustainability in the textile industry. By upholding success stories, research findings, and expert perspectives, we empower businesses and individuals to make informed decisions and adopt sustainable practices throughout the value chain.

Mohammad Ali Khokon, President, Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA) said, “TexSPACE Today initiative keeping in mind the global fashion industry’s sustainability, circularity and automation – will be a torch bearer. And I wish it a success. And TexSPACE Today will cater to the knowledge demand of the global textile industry.”

Engr. Shafiqur Rahman, President of the Institute of Textile Engineers and Technologists (ITET) said, “In this year’s ITMA exhibition – all the technologies and innovations are focused on three key areas – sustainability, linked to circularity and most importantly digitalization. As we are seeing everywhere that digital technology is emerging.”

“Distinguished guests, we are also making an announcement that in this ITMA exhibition, we are launching a global platform – TexSPACE Today. Mainly to disseminate knowledge on sustainability, circularity and digitalization. Readers will have regular updates on sustainability, circularity and digitalization in the global textile and apparel industry,” said Tareq Amin, Editor, TexSPACE Today.

“We proudly present to you our groundbreaking creation, TexSPACE Today an unparalleled fusion of technology, journalism, and creativity: the launch of our dynamic international media platform,” Tareq Amin added.

He stressed that “We aim to empower industry stakeholders to embrace renewable energy alternatives, boost energy efficiency, and reduce their carbon footprint.”

TexSPACE Today is a venture of Textile Today – Bangladesh-based globally leading textile & apparel media, communication & networking platform which is now functioning as an Innovation Hub. For the last 16 years, Textile Today has been continuously presenting, updating, helping & guiding the industry through various knowledge supports, trade & market analyses, trend & business forecasts, etc. We critically observe that the industry is now moving to more sustainable, precise, automated, circular, and energy-efficient solutions. It senses an urgency of concentration in this specific direction; henceforth, TexSPACE Today takes place.

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