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Techtextil Innovation Award 2024 winners announced

The winners of the prestigious Techtextil Innovation Award 2024 were announced today at a ceremony held during the leading international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens. Nine winners were recognized across five categories for their groundbreaking research, new products, processes, and technologies.

This year’s award winners highlight the vital role textile solutions play in driving advancements across various sectors, including aviation, automotive, medicine, and construction.

Award Highlights

  • Sustainability emerged as a major theme, with awards given for innovations in recycled composite materials (Centexbel), energy-efficient cooling textiles (DITF), and sustainable construction methods (ITM & IMB, Norafin Industries).
  • Healthcare advancements were recognized with an award for an antimicrobial technology designed to protect hospital patients (Heraeus Precious Metals).
  • Comfort was addressed by an award for an intelligent moisture management system that actively wicks away sweat (LunaMicro).
  • Environmentally-friendly alternatives were presented with awards for vegan leather substitutes made from hemp fibers (Revoltech) and recyclable insulating textiles made from bio-based materials (SA-Dynamics).

Full List of Winners

  • New Approaches on Sustainability & Circular Economy: Centexbel (Belgium)
  • New Product: CITEVE (Portugal) for its Smart Roofs System
  • New Technology (multiple winners):
    • DITF (Germany) for a self-cooling textile coating
    • Heraeus Precious Metals (Germany) for AGXX antimicrobial technology
    • LunaMicro (Sweden) for its intelligent moisture management technology
  • New Concept (multiple winners):
    • ITM & IMB (Germany) for a carbon fiber-reinforced concrete production process
    • Revoltech (Germany) for its LOVR vegan leather substitute
  • New Technologies on Sustainability & Recycling:
    • Norafin Industries (Germany) for its Hydro-Shape 3D textile production process
    • SA-Dynamics (Germany) for recyclable insulating textiles

A distinguished jury composed of international experts from research institutions and industry organizations evaluated the entries.

The Techtextil Innovation Award underscores the continuous advancements in the field of technical textiles and their potential to revolutionize various industries while promoting sustainability.

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