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Lululemon faces ‘Greenwashing’ investigation in Canada

Canadian athletic apparel company Lululemon is under investigation by the Competition Bureau of Canada for allegedly misleading consumers with its environmental claims. The investigation follows a complaint filed by environmental non-profit which accuses Lululemon of “greenwashing” – making exaggerated or unsubstantiated claims about the environmental friendliness of its products and practices.

Lululemon launched its “Be Planet” initiative in 2020, outlining a series of ambitious sustainability goals. These goals include using 100% sustainable materials by 2030, offering customers resale and repair options to extend product life, and achieving net zero emissions by 2050. argues that Lululemon’s marketing misrepresents the actual environmental impact of its products. The complaint highlights several examples, including claims that Lululemon’s products “help restore a healthy planet” and that its Like New program for used gear contributes significantly to environmental well-being. The complaint also criticizes the company for not adequately disclosing the limitations of its emissions reduction targets.

Lululemon maintains that its Be Planet program is a serious effort to improve sustainability and address climate change. The company points to its recent achievements in developing recycled materials and reducing emissions in its own facilities. However, they acknowledge that the majority of their emissions footprint stems from the broader supply chain, which they are working to address through externally validated targets.

“Be Planet is a pillar of our impact agenda that outlines our vision, goals and targets which guide our actions and resource investments in helping to create a garment industry that is more sustainable and addresses the serious impacts of climate change. This work is far from complete.

“We have achieved 60% absolute reduction of greenhouse emissions in our owned and operated facilities but recognize most of the impact comes from emissions within the broader supply chain. That is why we have set externally validated (SBTi) 2030 climate targets, and a goal to be Net Zero by 2050, and are taking action.”

 Lululemon spokesperson 

The investigation by the Competition Bureau is ongoing and no conclusion of wrongdoing has been reached. The outcome of the investigation could have significant implications for Lululemon, potentially resulting in fines or requiring changes to the company’s marketing practices.

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