EURATEX Manifesto 2024 calls for green transformation

The European textile and apparel industry, a giant employing 1.3 million people and generating €167 billion across the continent, has issued a clarion call for sustainability in its manifesto for the upcoming 2024 European elections. The document, titled “Manifesto for the European elections of June 2024: Turnovers, Companies, Employment, Investments, Imports, Exports,” outlines a roadmap for policymakers to support the industry’s green transformation, balancing environmental responsibility with economic competitiveness.

EURATEX Manifesto 2024

A Balancing Act: Green Goals with Economic Viability

EURATEX acknowledges the urgency of tackling climate change and resource depletion. However, it emphasizes the need for realistic and achievable sustainability targets, cautioning against policies that could strangle SMEs and stifle innovation. Gradual implementation, targeted goals for different areas, and economic feasibility are key tenets of their approach.

From Greenwashing to Green Action

The manifesto slams “greenwashing” and calls for standardized green claims, ensuring consumers can make informed choices about the true sustainability of their garments. Transparency in supply chains is also a major focus, allowing consumers to trace the origins of their clothes and hold brands accountable for their environmental practices.

Circular Economy: Weaving a Waste-Free Future

EURATEX advocates for a circular economy model, promoting initiatives like repair, reuse, and recycling. This not only reduces waste but also creates new jobs and extends the lifespan of garments, further minimizing the industry’s environmental impact.

Beyond Borders: A Global Call for Action

Recognizing that environmental challenges transcend national boundaries, EURATEX urges the EU to push for global sustainability commitments. This includes tackling unfair competition from countries with lax environmental regulations and working with trading partners to adopt common, enforceable sustainability standards.

Industry Experts React: A Cautious Optimism

Environmental groups cautiously welcome the manifesto, praising its focus on transparency and circularity. However, they express concerns about the vagueness of some targets and urge EURATEX to translate their words into concrete action plans.

Policymakers, meanwhile, acknowledge the industry’s importance and the need for a sustainable future. However, they emphasize the need for a balanced approach that prioritizes both environmental protection and economic growth.

A Call to Action: Weaving a Sustainable Future for Fashion

The EURATEX manifesto marks a significant step in the European textile industry’s journey towards sustainability. It’s a call to action for policymakers, consumers, and the industry itself to work together to create a future where fashion and the environment can flourish in harmony.

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