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Adobe’s Project Primrose: Interactive dress changes color & pattern in real time

The fashion lovers’ urge to own dresses that can change colors and patterns so that they do not needed to fill their wardrobe with countless dresses. Surprisingly, this isn’t far from reality as some companies have started working on it and have achieved amazing developments.

Recently, Adobe made waves at the Adobe MAX 2023 event in Los Angeles when it launched Project Primrose, a revolutionary interactive dress that can transform design and style in a matter of seconds. Researcher Christine Dierk led the presentation. Viewers were both confused and surprised after observing the dress’s remarkable capabilities.

Although Adobe is primarily known for its innovative and cutting-edge software suites, the company surprised attendees at the Adobe MAX 2023 conference with the discovery of something they’ve been secretly developing. A host walked onto the stage in a seemingly normal dress, only to shock viewers when the dress suddenly changed from translucent white to reflective.

The individual components of the dress then change color, creating unique patterns that allow the wearer to effectively change their outfit in real time Called Project Primrose, the interactive dress uses a “reflective light diffusion module” to create a flexible, emission-free display system.

Adobe Project Primrose: How the dress changes style

With the press of a button, the special Project Primrose dress, covered in scales, begins to change style at Dierk’s command. But it doesn’t stop there; This outfit can also understand how the wearer moves and make the design move in sync. The system developed by Adobe uses reflective polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC), an electroactive substance commonly used in smart window technology. This energy-efficient, non-emitting material can be easily customized into different shapes and has flexible light diffusion capabilities, far beyond what e-ink and other technologies offer.

Speaking of e-ink, this isn’t the first time vivid color-changing designs are witnessed. At CES 2022, BMW introduced the iX Flow concept model that can change color in real-time. The technology dates back to 2017 when Sony introduced an e-ink-powered FES Watch that could also change its design. What Adobe did was different in two notable ways:

  1. First, it did away with electronic ink or conventional screens for something more reflective and eye-catching.
  2. Second, it combines this technology with its own design software, showing how the industry will enable future designers to design on new surfaces.

Interactive fashion with Instant transformation:

What sets Project Primrose apart is its ability to change depending on the user’s movement. As Dierk demonstrated on stage, the dress included multiple small-scale screens that could change appearance at the press of a button. The audience watched the transition of the dress from color to one color to another, a shimmering metallic silver very smoothly. The dress continues to stun with its series of transformations, transforming its scales into a variety of patterns, from V-shaped stripes to intricate diamond patterns.

“The red carpet is going to be sassy.”

“And indeed, Project Primrose promises to redefine fashion from the red carpet and beyond. It’s not just about static occurrences; it is dynamic and interactive fashion that can adapt to the wearer’s mood and style”

During the presentation, co-host Adam Devine

Dierk, the genius behind the dress, revealed that it could do more than change the color and pattern; it can come alive with animation. A simple button press activates amazing movement patterns, further blurring the lines between fashion and technology. What’s even more appealing is the skirt’s buttonless mode, which relies on built-in sensors, providing a smooth and intuitive experience.

Adobe’s Project Primrose: Project Paving Way For A Fashion Revolution

Adobe’s creation is paving the way for a fashion revolution, where clothes can change with a simple command or move with the person wearing them. It’s undoubtedly a fantastic blend of fashion and technology.

Dierk says, “Fashion doesn’t have to be static, it can be dynamic and even interactive.” The Primrose project embodies this vision. It represents a future where clothing is a canvas for personal expression, where the lines between art and fashion are fluid, and where individuals can redefine their style with just a touch or simple gesture. This new technology undoubtedly opens up a whole new world of possibilities in the fashion and wearable tech industry!

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