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From Needle to Fabric: How Groz-Beckert is transforming flat knitting

Groz-Beckert has established itself as a pioneer in the textile machinery industry, thanks to its innovative and unique technologies designed specifically for flat knitting machines. These technologies not only enhance the performance of the machines but also ensure high-quality, efficient production processes. Here are the key technological innovations that set Groz-Beckert apart:

Advanced Needle Technologies

1. Precision Latch Needles with Transfer Function

Groz-Beckert’s latch needles are designed with cutting-edge precision, ensuring seamless performance in various knitting applications. The unique features include:

  • Transfer Clips and Slots: These features are precisely executed with exact edge rounding, providing high security during the transfer process. This results in a smooth, reliable operation and reduces the risk of knitting errors.
  • Spring-Loaded Mechanism: The spring-loaded latch needles incorporate a latch spring beneath the needle latch. This spring ensures automatic raising of the latch in both the closing and open positions, facilitating consistent yarn insertion and preventing loose loops. This technology is especially beneficial when knitting with bulky or multi-threaded yarns, producing a uniform loop structure.

2. Innovative Compound Needles

Groz-Beckert’s compound needles consist of two distinct parts: the needle and the closing element. The technology behind these needles includes:

  • Two-Part Design: The needle and the closing element work together to cover the hook during the loop formation process, ensuring accurate loop creation and high-quality fabric production.
  • Enhanced Durability and Precision: The compound needles are engineered for durability and precision, making them suitable for complex knitting patterns and high-speed operations.

State-of-the-Art System Parts

1. Coupling Parts

  • Collaborative Development: Groz-Beckert works closely with machine builders to develop coupling parts that ensure reliable interaction between needles and selecting jacks. This collaboration results in high-quality products that guarantee process reliability.

2. Intermediate Jacks

  • Independent Movement: Unlike traditional coupling parts, Groz-Beckert’s intermediate jacks are not engaged with the needle. They are positioned separately in the needle trick and can move independently, ensuring secure positioning and correct knitting functions.

3. Selecting and Holding-Down Jacks

  • Optimized for High Performance: These jacks are designed with secured spring force, consistent reaction times, and optimized surfaces at critical points. This technology prevents selection errors and ensures reliable functioning, even at higher machine speeds and finer gauges.

Versatile Applications with Custom-Tailored Solutions

1. Tailored for Specific Needs

Groz-Beckert’s technology extends beyond standard applications, offering custom-tailored solutions for various industries:

  • Apparel Textiles: The needles and system parts are optimized for producing high-quality sweaters, collars, gloves, and other fashion items with precise shaping and intricate designs.
  • Technical Textiles: The technology is ideal for creating specialized textiles with unique properties for sports, automotive, and other technical applications.
  • Medical Textiles: Groz-Beckert’s innovations facilitate the production of compression stockings and bandages with defined shapes and specific functions.

2. Development Partnerships

As a development partner, Groz-Beckert maintains strong relationships with renowned machine builders and knitting mills. This partnership ensures continuous innovation and adaptation to the evolving needs of the textile industry.

Groz-Beckert’s unique technology for flat knitting machines combines precision engineering, advanced materials, and innovative design to deliver superior performance and reliability. From precision latch needles and compound needles to state-of-the-art system parts, Groz-Beckert sets the standard for quality and efficiency in the textile industry. By embracing these cutting-edge technologies, manufacturers can achieve higher productivity, reduced downtimes, and superior product quality, staying ahead in the competitive market.

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