Transforming ocean waste into fashion with SEAQUAL® YARN

In a world grappling with environmental challenges, SEAQUAL® YARN emerges as a beacon of sustainability and innovation. This high-quality yarn, composed of 100% post-consumer recycled polyester, includes approximately 10% SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC sourced directly from marine litter. The initiative not only addresses the critical issue of ocean pollution but also promotes a circular economy by repurposing waste into valuable textiles.

Technical Excellence and Versatility
SEAQUAL® YARN stands out for its similarity to virgin polyester in physical properties, offering a versatile solution for various applications. It caters to industries ranging from apparel and accessories to automotive upholstery and technical textiles. Available in both continuous filament and staple fiber forms, the yarn meets diverse manufacturing needs with options like Draw Textured Yarn (DTY), Air Textured Yarn (ATY), and blends with materials like cotton and Tencel®.

Licensing and Certification
Central to SEAQUAL®’s ethos is its licensing system, ensuring that all stakeholders in the supply chain commit to sustainable practices. Licensed partners gain access to SEAQUAL® YARN and associated branding, promoting a unified front in combating ocean plastic. Certified under OEKO-TEX® Class 100 and Global Recycled Standard (GRS), SEAQUAL® YARN guarantees compliance with stringent environmental and social criteria.

Global Impact and Availability
Currently produced by licensed manufacturers Antex and VICA in Spain, SEAQUAL® YARN sets a benchmark in eco-friendly textile innovation. Its presence in global markets offers sustainable alternatives for conscientious consumers and businesses alike, reinforcing the importance of responsible sourcing and production.

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