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Tonello’s Laundry Evolution, the winning concept that reinvents laundry

One of the most swiftly transforming areas of denim manufacturing technology is wet and dry processing. With growing pressure to cut water, hazardous chemicals and energy use, laundries are coming up with innovations that are delivering sustainability.

Tonello’s Laundry (R)Evolution is transforming the laundry concept of the present and the future, once again redefining standards and pointing the way for the evolution of the entire industry.

Only a few machines are needed to manage the entire production flow, which thus becomes even smoother and leaner, allowing productivity to be matched with the utmost care for the environment. New computer vision systems also control the cycle and thus make work even easier and safer.

Laundry (R)Evolution three single steps for simple, digital and automatic management of the entire garment finishing cycle. Three single steps are:

  • THE Laser, fast, precise and flexible, replaces manual abrasion processes allowing to create new designs with ease.
  • The All-in-One System performs all washing operations by bringing together 4 integrated sustainable technologies in one machine: EGO, NoStone®, UP, and Core 2.0. 
  • Metro, the Tonello software that processes true, real-time data to control all laundry consumption, optimize process times, and improve performance.

The All-in-One configuration, the concept of the ‘perfect machine,’ that is, equipped with all sustainable finishing technologies:

  • EGO: the new ozone treatment system that incorporates 3 technologies in one, allowing garments to be treated simultaneously on multiple machines, improving performance and further reducing consumption
  • NoStone®: the abrasive drum that allows you to say goodbye to pumice stone forever. Reusable and applicable/removable in an instant thanks to the “easy-lock” function, it allows for authentic stone-wash effects, responsibly and ergonomically
  • UP: the patented system that, among other things, drastically cuts water and energy consumption, reduces the liquor ratio to 1:2, and is now fully automated
  • Core 2.0: 20 years after the invention of Batik, the first in-machine nebulization technology, and of Core in 2015, the system evolves and becomes even more flexible, efficient, and more maintainable

The DYEING AREA will also see big news:

  • The G1 Lab, Tonello’s smallest machine ever, which will be unveiled with incredible ultrasonic technology that shortens process times, and decreases the number of dyestuffs and usage temperatures while boosting dyeing performance
  • The All-in-One system for dyeing, here applied to the G1 325 production model, again equipped with the newest Core 2.0 and with:
  • Wake, the patented system for natural dyeing using only plants and vegetable waste, with no chemical additives of any kind
  • The sensational innovation of DyeMate, the first indigo garment dyeing system that revolutionizes and reinterprets the traditional process, taking it to a new evolutionary stage and making it automatic and repeatable, efficient and sustainable
  • ThermoShell, the special membrane that thermally insulates the washing machine, ensuring a constant temperature during any type of process, and that optimizes and makes washing and dyeing processes more efficient, with energy savings of up to 40%

Moreover, in ITMA 2023 Tonello unveiled a new software, such as for example Metro, for measuring actual laundry consumption, including garment and process consumption, and for centralized management and analysis of all Tonello machines.

Shape your Laundry (R)Evolution, the online tool, available on the Tonello website, allows factories to create dream laundry from scratch, in a completely digital way.

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