DigitalizationNews & UpdatesPrecisionQuality Control introduced AI powered textile factory management solution, a pioneering leader in textile factory innovation, has launched a game-changing solution that promises to transform the textile manufacturing industry. Smartex FACT brings the power of digitalization and data-driven decision-making directly into the hands of factory owners and managers.

In a world where efficiency, quality control, and real-time oversight are paramount, Smartex FACT offers a revolutionary solution. No longer tethered to their factory floors, manufacturers can now manage and monitor their operations with ease, thanks to this all-in-one digital factory management system.

A Leap into the Future

Imagine sipping your morning coffee while having real-time insights into what happened at your textile factory overnight. Smartex FACT makes this a reality. This innovative platform empowers factory owners to gain unprecedented control over their production processes, enhancing efficiency and ensuring consistent quality.

Figure: Digital Factory page of Smartex FACT

Textile manufacturers often grapple with inefficiencies, quality issues, and the need for manual inspections, all of which can drive up costs and hinder competitiveness. Smartex FACT steps in to tackle these challenges head-on by providing automated performance insights, roll production statistics, and quality control features.

Key Features of Smartex FACT

Automatic Roll Grading: Smartex FACT allows users to define their own quality standards, which the system then uses to automatically grade knitted rolls based on the severity of detected defects. This ensures uniform quality standards throughout the production process, with a focus on Grade A rolls that can go straight to customers without manual inspection.

Figure: Real-time notification from Smartex FACT
  • Digital Factory Page: Users gain a complete overview of their factory, including the number of machines in operation and rolls produced on any given day.
  • My Machines Page: This feature provides detailed, precise data about the performance of every machine powered by Smartex within the factory, including RPM speed and operating time, enabling fine-tuning for improved quality and productivity.
  • My Rolls Page: Clients can access a month’s worth of production history, allowing them to review each roll’s production details, assess quality, and identify defects on a digital roll map.
  • Real-time Notifications: Stay informed with timely updates on issues such as machines operating at lower RPM, excessive machine downtime, or the identification of poor-quality rolls. This data empowers users to make informed decisions to address production issues promptly.

“Our new product takes manufacturing and quality control to the next level. With Smartex FACT, users will be able to know when rolls don’t meet the requested quality or when production issues arise. And with the platform being easily accessible via desktop or any smartphone, it is basically your textile factory in your pocket.”

Gilberto Loureiro, Co-founder and CEO of has consistently been at the forefront of transforming textile factories through innovative software solutions and essential tools for the modern textile factory. Smartex FACT represents the latest milestone in this journey, offering undeniable data for factory operations, enabling clients to fortify their businesses for the future.

With the power of data-driven decision-making, enhanced efficiency, and elevated quality, Smartex FACT is poised to redefine the textile manufacturing industry landscape. Don’t wait; join the hundreds of leading factories already leveraging AI in their production processes today with Smartex FACT, now available in English, Portuguese, and Turkish, with more languages coming soon.

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