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Picanol unveils innovative TechTex at Techtextil Frankfurt

Picanol, the world leader in weaving machine manufacturing, is showcasing its dedication to innovation and sustainability in technical textiles at Techtextil Frankfurt, the premier international trade fair for the industry. From April 23rd to 26th, visitors to Hall 12.0, Booth C01, will experience a powerful combination of Picanol’s advanced weaving technologies and the comprehensive digital platform, PicConnect.

A Commitment to Weaving Excellence

Technical textiles have become a core focus of Picanol’s long-term strategy. Their presence at Techtextil Frankfurt underlines their dedication to providing customers with the best possible solutions. By offering a unique combination of cutting-edge rapier and airjet weaving platforms alongside the PicConnect digital suite, Picanol empowers its customers to achieve unmatched reliability, performance, and flexibility – all while prioritizing sustainability.

During the event, Picanol will present a wide range of solutions specifically designed for technical fabric applications. These include filter fabrics, agro-textiles, carpet backing, coating fabrics, para-aramides, and tire cords.

Figure: Picanol Ultimax

Introducing the Ultimax: A Game-Changing Rapier Weaving Machine

The star of the show is undoubtedly Picanol’s brand-new Ultimax rapier weaving machine. This innovative machine prioritizes three key areas:

  • Ultimate Performance and High-Quality Output: The Ultimax is designed to deliver exceptional performance while guaranteeing the highest quality output.
  • Sustainable Design: Sustainability is a core principle in the Ultimax’s design, ensuring responsible and environmentally conscious production.
  • Unprecedented Ease of Use through Digitalization: The Ultimax boasts the highest level of digitalization ever seen in a Picanol machine, resulting in an intuitive and user-friendly experience.
  • The Ultimax’s innovative nature extends beyond its internal workings. The classic Picanol exterior design has been completely revamped, reflecting the advanced technology housed within.

A Suite of Weaving Solutions

While the Ultimax takes center stage, Picanol also showcases its established range of industry-leading machines:

  • OptiMax-i Connect Rapier Weaving Machine: This reliable workhorse remains a valuable asset for specific technical textile weaving applications, handling fabrics up to 540 cm wide.
  • OmniPlus-i Connect Airjet Weaving Machine: Picanol continues to push boundaries with a recent speed increase implemented on the OmniPlus-i Connect airjet platform. This commitment to innovation ensures Picanol remains at the forefront of the industry. The platform also features the brand-new o-Leno leno system, which seamlessly combines high performance with user-friendliness and intuitive operation.
  • OmniPlus-i TC Connect Airjet Weaving Machine: Picanol offers a dedicated version of the OmniPlus-i airjet machine specifically tailored for tire cord applications.
Figure: Picanol PicConnect

PicConnect: Weaving the Digital Future

Picanol is changing the industry not just with hardware, but also with software.  PicConnect, their new fully digital platform, centralizes all digital tools and services. Visitors to Techtextil Frankfurt will have the opportunity to explore the latest features and benefits of PicConnect, allowing them to unlock the full potential of their Picanol weaving machines.

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