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Heberlein launches advanced DTY jets, promising profits and efficiency

Heberlein AG, a global leader in air interlacing and air texturing technology, has launched a groundbreaking range of Advanced Performance DTY interlacing jets. Designed to usher in a new era of efficiency and cost savings, the APe series offers a remarkable 15% reduction in compressed air consumption, while the APh series guarantees unparalleled knot stability. Heberlein’s latest innovations are poised to revolutionize the textile industry, promising investors a profitable edge in an ever-evolving market.

Navigating the Market

The textile industry experienced a significant cooling trend in 2022, as reported by the International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF) through their International Textile Machinery Shipment Statistics (ITMSS). Globally, shipments of draw texturing spindles declined by 13%, with China accounting for a substantial 86% of the total. However, Heberlein’s historical experience suggests that the DTY segment typically rebounds strongly after such slowdowns, such as those seen in 2007/2008 and 2020/2021.

Savings Every Hour

Heberlein’s newest offering, the APe series, has garnered attention for its potential to reduce compressed air consumption by 15% while maintaining the same knot count. Texturizers in Italy have calculated substantial cost savings, with one example citing a daily saving of USD 120 for a 288-position machine operating at 3 bars of working pressure. These calculations were based on local electricity costs, demonstrating savings of approximately $5 per hour.

In China, where energy costs are comparatively lower, texturizers are expected to save around $1 per hour, equating to a daily saving of $24.3 for a machine equipped with APe series jets. However, it’s worth noting that energy prices in China can vary significantly by location and are partly subsidized by the state.

Figure: SlideJet-FT15-2 with new Jet insert APe142

A Competitive Edge

Considering the context of a Chinese manufacturing plant where workers earn approximately $800 per month in the Shanghai area, these savings are substantial. For a machine with 288 positions, adopting the new APe jets equates to saving about three-quarters of a worker’s monthly salary, highlighting the significant financial impact of Heberlein’s innovation.

The Strategic Jets

Heberlein’s strategy combines immediate cost savings with preparation for an industry upturn. The APe series jets offer superior performance across a range of multifilament yarns. They enable higher processing speeds, improved package build, and fewer filament and yarn breaks in downstream processes, which can significantly enhance operational efficiency.

The APe series also appeals to market players committed to sustainable production, as they offer equal knot performance with reduced energy consumption. This aligns with the growing industry trend towards environmentally responsible manufacturing.

Pole Position for Success

As the textile industry hopes for a swift upswing, the APh interlacing jets position manufacturers for maximum production output. The APh series boasts unrivaled knot stability, ensuring exceptional performance without compromising yarn quality and process reliability. These jets excel in handling yarns in the 110 to 300 dtex range, making them ideal for processes involving elastane-blended yarns subjected to substantial forces.

Looking Forward

To support prospective customers in making informed investment decisions, Heberlein offers detailed calculations and welcomes non-binding discussions with its experts. Those interested can also gain firsthand insights at ITMA Asia 2023 (Hall 8.1, Stand A43).

Easy Integration

For filament yarn producers looking to minimize power consumption and enhance knot stability, the new APe and APh series jets can be effortlessly installed into widely-used SlideJet FT15-2 and SwissJet housings, following a plug-and-play principle that requires minimal effort.

In a rapidly changing textile industry landscape, Heberlein’s Advanced Performance DTY interlacing jets stand as a beacon of innovation and profitability, offering a path forward that combines savings and sustainability.

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