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Diesel announces sustainable collaboration with Lee

Key Highlights

  • Diesel and Lee collaborate on upcycled denim collection
  • Diesel Loves initiative tackles overproduction through creative reuse
  • Limited-edition capsule features unique “half-and-half” jeans
  • 100% of profits benefit UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency
  • Sets a precedent for collaborative, sustainable fashion partnerships

Italian fashion brand Diesel has announced a collaboration with denim competitor Lee as part of its Diesel Loves initiative. This program, conceived by creative director Glenn Martens, aims to redefine brand collaborations by addressing overproduction through shared creative and manufacturing resources.

Diesel Loves is an open invitation to fellow brands, encouraging them to collaborate by sharing materials, manufacturing capabilities, and creative expertise. In a departure from traditional collaborations, Diesel plans to contribute its unsold stock to a joint creative team, inviting its collaborators to do the same. The result will be a unique limited-edition capsule collection crafted entirely from existing materials, embodying a true partnership between the two brands.

For each Diesel Loves collection, all profits will be donated to UNHCR, the United Nations Refugee Agency, through the OTB Foundation—the philanthropic arm of Diesel’s parent company, which actively engages in various projects with UNHCR worldwide.

The inaugural collaboration under the Diesel Loves program features American denim company Lee. The limited-edition capsule collection showcases jeans with a distinctive twist—some pairs feature Diesel denim on the front and Lee on the back, while others reverse the combination. Each of the 3,000 pairs of Diesel Loves Lee jeans is a one-of-a-kind creation.

A preview of the Diesel Loves Lee capsule is currently available on for Europe and Japan, with the full collection set to launch in March 2024 on both brands’ websites. Through this initiative, Diesel aims to encourage positive change within the fashion industry and contribute to meaningful causes.

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