COREVA™: World’s first biodegradable stretch denim

Innovation in the fashion industry often comes hand-in-hand with sustainability. As concerns over environmental impact continue to grow, companies are challenged to create products that not only meet consumers’ desires but also minimize harm to the planet. In 2020, Candiani Denim, a renowned Italian denim mill, achieved a groundbreaking milestone in denim manufacturing with the invention and patenting of COREVA™ stretch technology. This innovation marks a significant leap forward in the quest for sustainable denim production.

After five years of dedicated research and development, Candiani Denim unveiled COREVA™, a revolutionary solution that replaces synthetic stretch yarns with a 100% natural, biodegradable, and compostable alternative. This breakthrough technology allows for the creation of denim fabrics with the same aesthetic appearance, stretch performance, and durability as traditional denim, but with a drastically reduced environmental footprint. The introduction of COREVA™ represents a paradigm shift in the fashion industry, transforming the negative impact of denim production into a positive one by embodying the principles of circularity.

At the heart of COREVA™ is a natural rubber yarn that replaces petroleum-based synthetic yarns typically used in stretch denim. Unlike conventional stretch yarns, which can take hundreds of years to decompose and contribute to microplastic pollution, COREVA™ is entirely free from plastics and microplastics. Through a smart vulcanization process and the elimination of all synthetic components, COREVA™ becomes the world’s first compostable stretch denim, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional denim fabrics.

The creation of COREVA™ was driven by Candiani Denim’s commitment to address the environmental challenges posed by the fashion industry. With billions of garments manufactured each year, many of which are discarded after only a few years, the need for sustainable alternatives has never been more urgent. By pioneering the development of the first fully natural and circular stretch denim fabric, Candiani Denim aims to revolutionize the way denim products impact the planet.

The journey towards creating COREVA™ began with a simple yet profound intuition. Inspired by a natural elasticized string he encountered in a local butcher shop in Milan, Alberto Candiani, CEO of Candiani Denim, envisioned the possibility of using natural materials to make denim. This intuition sparked five years of intensive research and thousands of hours of development, culminating in the birth of COREVA™ technology.

COREVA™ represents not only a technological innovation but also a commitment to sustainability and circularity. To ensure the credibility of their claims, Candiani Denim subjected COREVA™ to rigorous testing to assess its biodegradability, disintegration, and ecotoxicity. The fabric underwent tests in compliance with European Standard EN 13432, the recognized standard for compostability. The results confirmed that COREVA™ biodegrades within months, turning into compost and fertilizing the soil without harming the environment.

Evaluations of the compost created by COREVA™ demonstrated its positive impact on plant growth, further validating its eco-friendly credentials. Seeds planted in COREVA™ compost exhibited significantly better germination and growth compared to those planted in control material compost, highlighting the regenerative potential of this innovative fabric.

Beyond its environmental benefits, COREVA™ boasts exceptional performance and longevity. Unlike conventional stretch denim fabrics, which may lose elasticity over time, COREVA™ maintains its characteristics even after years of use. With COREVA™, consumers can enjoy the beauty, elasticity, and softness of quality denim without compromising on sustainability.

COREVA™ represents a remarkable achievement sustainably, offering a viable alternative to conventional denim fabrics. By harnessing the power of nature and innovation, Candiani Denim has paved the way for a more sustainable future for the denim industry. With COREVA™, the vision of circular fashion becomes a reality, where garments not only minimize harm but also contribute to the regeneration of our planet. As we continue to strive for a more sustainable and equitable world, innovations like COREVA™ remind us of the transformative potential of human ingenuity in creating a brighter future for generations to come.

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