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Carbonfact secures $15mn to automate environmental reporting

The fashion industry, adored for its trendsetting styles, holds a dark secret: it’s a major polluter. This industry holds 10% of global carbon emissions, exceeding even the combined footprint of international flights and maritime shipping [Source: EU Parliament].

This is where Carbonfact steps in, a company determines how fashion approaches sustainability. Founded in 2021, Carbonfact offers automated carbon management software specifically designed for the fashion industry. This innovative platform tackles the industry’s significant challenge – accurately measuring and reporting emissions across complex supply chains.

Measuring a fashion brand’s carbon footprint is a cumbersome, resource-intensive task. Gathering accurate data from numerous suppliers scattered across different tiers of the supply chain is a significant hurdle. Carbonfact addresses this problem by automating the entire process.

After meeting with hundreds of textile brands and suppliers we realized that collecting data and reporting on all product and supply-chain information is a complex task that requires more comprehensive data management than spreadsheets allow. We believe that fashion brands should be able to measure and report on climate progress with limited manual work.

Marc Laurent, CEO and Co-founder, Carbonfact

Their software seamlessly integrates with a company’s existing IT systems. It then cleans and analyzes the data, pinpointing inconsistencies and missing information. Leveraging machine learning, Carbonfact fills in the gaps and delivers reliable footprint calculations, even with incomplete data.

We strongly believe the future is about vertical and product-centric Carbon Management Platforms, and we were impressed by the leadership position that Carbonfact has been able to take on the fashion industry.

Bartosz Jakubowski, Partner at lead investor Alven

Empowering Brands for a Sustainable Future

The benefits for fashion brands are substantial. Carbonfact’s platform provides valuable insights, allowing brands to:

  • Identify emission hotspots: pinpoint the most carbon-intensive stages of the manufacturing process, helping them prioritize reduction efforts.
  • Develop reduction plans: Build data-driven strategies to minimize their environmental impact.
  • Simplify reporting: Generate automated reports for annual carbon disclosure, aligning with various frameworks and ensuring compliance with evolving regulations.
  • Reduce, not just offset: The new suite of modeling tools empowers brands to understand how design and supplier choices affect their footprints before production begins. This allows them to focus on proactive emission reduction strategies rather than relying solely on offsets.

Carbonfact’s recent success is a testament to the growing importance of sustainability in fashion. Their $15 million Series A funding round, led by existing investor Alven and joined by new investor Headline, is a significant vote of confidence. The company’s impressive roster of clients includes established brands like New Balance, Columbia, and Carhartt, demonstrating the industry’s receptivity to Carbonfact’s solutions.

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