bluesign and SCTI donated ‘Sustainable Chemistry Index (SCI)’ Methodology to ZDHC

bluesign and SCTI have donated their pioneering Sustainable Chemistry Index (SCI) Methodology to ZDHC, marking a significant advancement in sustainable practices for the textile industry. This collaboration aims to address the longstanding challenge of harmful chemicals in fashion by unifying chemical management efforts.

Challenges and Solutions: The textile, leather, and fashion industries have struggled with hazardous chemicals, inconsistent regulations, and a lack of transparency. The SCI, developed by SCTI and bluesign, offers a comprehensive assessment tool that introduces a common language for sustainable chemistry and environmental impact.

Key Features of SCI:

  • Resource Utilization: Assesses chemical products’ impact on resource efficiency.
  • Transparency: Enhances supply chain transparency and responsible sourcing.
  • Sustainability Metrics: Evaluates carbon footprint, resource consumption, and end-use impact.

Collaboration and Impact: SCTI and bluesign’s donation of SCI to ZDHC aims to foster industry-wide collaboration through ZDHC’s Chemicals to Zero (CTZ-A) program. The SCI content will undergo stakeholder engagement and be integrated into ZDHC’s publicly available framework, promoting widespread adoption and positive change.

This strategic collaboration empowers manufacturers and brands to make responsible, informed choices, committing to sustainable chemistry and benefiting society.

For more information, visit SCTI, bluesign, and ZDHC.
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