BioFluff – future of fur is here! Say no to animal fur

In recent times a significant revolution has been brought about in the fashion industry by using genuine and reliable animal fur – as the fashion sector is exploring sustainable alternatives. And this is exciting because BioFluff’s plant-based fur sounds like a promising step forward.

While the majority of US consumers consider the use of fur to be ethically acceptable, influential fashion brands and retailers have now specifically decided to harden their position.  They stopped using real fur in their products, which was considered a turning point in the ethical approach of the industry today. Some such companies are: Prada, Phillip Lim, Macy’s, Chanel, Burberry, and Net-a-Porter Group, etc.

Figure: Plant-based fur – BioFluff sounds like a promising step forward.

Turn to vegan options

Lately in place of authentic animal fur, these fashion heavyweights have turned their attention to vegan alternatives. However, this transition is not without its challenges. Many of the vegan options available today are made from petroleum-based synthetic fibers, raising serious concerns about sustainability. The fashion industry has a huge impact on the entire environment, from production to transportation. Which is under increasing scrutiny and the search for sustainable alternatives is a high priority.

Introducing Biofluff

Stepping in at the right time is BioFluff, a New York and Paris-based bio-materials startup.  Meanwhile BioFluff has launched a new luxury collection, most recently Savian, which features artificial fur made from natural plant fibers. 

The collection stands for its commitment to vegan, GMO-free fabrics that use natural- and mineral-based dyes. Which results in a product that not only looks natural and doesn’t feel artificial but is also rooted in ethical and sustainable practices.

Funding and future plans

BioFluff’s innovative approach has particularly caught the attention of investors. The startup recently raised $2.5 million in a seed funding round led by Astanor Ventures. The funds are expected to support BioFluff’s expansion into other plant-based products such as interior design, packaging and toys. 

The move is part of a broader trend in which plant-based materials are increasingly used as sustainable alternatives to petroleum-based products. Innovations such as clothing made from seaweed and all-natural sneakers are also now popular, gradually appearing on the market, promising a marriage of fashion and sustainability and hinting at a progressive beautiful, modern future.

Overall, BioFluff’s leadership in plant-based fur is a positive sign for the future of fashion. While challenges remain, the potential for a more ethical and sustainable industry is promising.

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