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B.O.P. by Tonello: AI-powered garment laser marking at its finest

The B.O.P. (Be On Point) system uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically detect and position garments, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. This results in flawless, repeatable laser marking, even on garments that are placed at different angles and heights. This breakthrough technology sets a new standard for the industry, streamlining garment finishing and raising the bar for quality and efficiency.

Figure : B.O.P. system detects and marks garments in any orientation with the help of advanced computer vision technology. In just a few seconds and a few steps – detect, position, fit, and mark – Be On Point streamlines the workflow, ensuring precise garment marking.

An Industry-Transforming Advancement in Garment Marking

Tonello’s THE Laser Line is renowned for its versatility and reliability, and the B.O.P. system takes it to a new level. This system, available on THE Laser T and TM models, introduces the concept of “One Touch” garment positioning, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. B.O.P. can efficiently detect and reconstruct the garment’s contours, shapes, and volumes, no matter its placement on the work table. Garments can be placed at different angles and heights, yet the design is consistently placed where the operator intends.

Figure : A Revolution in Four Steps

The B.O.P. system simplifies the entire laser marking process in four steps

  • Preparation of the Laser Project: The journey begins with the creation of a laser project using Tonello’s Crea software. Designers and operators define the design they want to apply to garments.
  • Positioning of the Garment: Unlike traditional methods that require precision, B.O.P. allows for casual placement of garments on the work table, without the need for meticulous alignment.
Figure: B.O.P for automatic garment detection
  • Automatic Garment Detection: B.O.P. employs advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to instantaneously recognize and analyze a garment’s position. It doesn’t matter how inaccurately it was initially placed; B.O.P. will determine the exact position.
  • Marking of the Design: With garment’s position accurately detected, the system proceeds to apply the design with laser precision. The result is a flawless, repeatable application of designs, as specified during the initial project setup.

Advantages Beyond Imagination

Figure: Up to 8 garment detection
  • Faster Process: B.O.P. reduces the time required for laser marking, making it a game-changer in fast-paced manufacturing environments. It offers various production modes capable of simultaneously detecting as many as eight garments.
  • Unbeatable Accuracy: The use of AI guarantees pinpointing accuracy & eliminates human error from the equation.
  • Quality Assurance: Operators can have confidence that every garment will meet the highest quality standards, thanks to the precision of B.O.P. Consistency in quality is guaranteed.
  • Ease of Use: Managing the system is a breeze, with control of the operator’s fingertips directly through Crea software.

Tonello’s B.O.P. Automatic Garment Detection System has paved the way for a new era in garment laser marking. It demonstrates how AI and innovative technology can streamline processes, enhance quality, and boost efficiency in the fashion manufacturing industry. Going forward, B.O.P. is poised to lead the way, setting new benchmarks for excellence.

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