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Archroma EarthColors®, from nature to fashion

Archroma’s patented new method EarthColors® creates warm shades from nature. EarthColors® technology makes fully traceable biosynthetic dyes derived from natural waste products of the agriculture and herbal industries; leaving the edible part still available for food consumption.

These high-performance dyes are synthesized from non-edible agricultural or herbal industries waste such as leaves or nutshells. Thanks to intelligent technologies, EarthColors® dyes are fully traceable – from natural waste material to the store. Currently exclusive to brand owners only.

EarthColors® ranges

EarthColors® are available in a range of six dyes that are made from waste left over by the agricultural and herbal industry, covering a palette of natural shades for cellulosic-based fibres such as cotton, viscose, linen, bamboo, kapok, etc.

Figure: Archroma EarthColors® ranges
  • Diresul® Earth-Oak: Manufactured using 100% ALMOND SHELLS from the food industry.
  • Diresul® Earth-Cotton: Manufactured using 100% COTTON PLANT residues from the cotton industry.
  • Diresul® Earth-Sand: Manufactured using 90% BITTER ORANGE residues from the herbal industry.
  • Diresul® Earth-Clay: Manufactured using 90% BEET residues from the food industry.
  • Diresul® Earth-Forest: Manufactured using 90% SAW PALMETTO residues from the herbal industry.
  • Diresul® Earth-Stone: Manufactured using 70% SAW PALMETTO residues from the herbal industry.

Protecting the planet and its people

With EarthColors® Archroma is able to produce cleanly, closing the loop, and respecting the environment.

Figure: Arhcroma EarthColors® With Full Traceability

The EarthColors® technology helps to reduce the negative impact on water footprint, and preserve human wellness, natural resources, and climate change compared to conventional synthetic dyes*. Moreover, the fact that waste is up-cycled from other industries contributes to a circular economy.

Using natural waste based raw materials has no negative impact on any other steps of the dye manufacturing, such as water and energy consumption or waste generation. During the synthetization of EarthColors®, up to 100% of the natural raw material is transformed to a new dyestuff, guaranteeing full waste management into own production.

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