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Trützschler group showcases game-changing IDY and carpet yarn production machine ‘OPTIMA’ at ITMA 2023

Trützschler Group, a renowned leader in textile machinery, made a significant impact at ITMA 2023 with the introduction of their latest innovation: the OPTIMA machine series. Designed specifically for Industrial Textured Yarns (IDY) and carpet yarn production, OPTIMA represents a culmination of Trützschler’s expertise and dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions to the textile industry.

The flagship model in the OPTIMA series is the OPTIMA MO60, a state-of-the-art machine featuring a six-process configuration. This impressive machine incorporates two FW13 binders and two three-and-winders, offering unrivaled capabilities for producing IDY and carpet yarns. Let’s delve into the technical aspects that make the OPTIMA MO60 a game-changer in the industry.

Figure: TEC-O40 features 2 or 4 ends per position depending on the winding solution FW51 or FW81. Courtesy:

Filament forming excellence

One of the standout features of the OPTIMA MO60 is its exceptional filament-forming capabilities. Trützschler has developed an advanced system that ensures the production of consistent and high-quality yarns. The machine’s OPTIMA spinning system is designed to meet the specific requirements of each polymer, spinning process, and plant conditions. With a modular design, it allows for both small (4-ends) and large (up to 16-ends) production units, providing flexibility and scalability to match production needs.
The OPTIMA spinning system incorporates top-of-the-line spin packs that deliver excellent filtration, high throughput, and ideal flow properties. These spin packs ensure identical heating conditions and mechanical treatment of the polymer melt, resulting in minimal variation in single filament diameter. The rectangular packs are designed for easy and secure handling, facilitating smooth operations.

Perfect cooling for optimal yarn quality

Efficient cooling is crucial for maintaining yarn quality, and the OPTIMA MO60 excels in this aspect. The machine is equipped with cross-flow quenching units that provide pulsation-free cooling. The cooling air temperature, relative humidity, air velocity, and profile can be adjusted according to the specific product requirements. This precise control over cooling parameters guarantees optimal yarn cooling and enhances the overall quality and performance of the yarns produced.

The cooling drum, a vital component of the machine, plays a crucial role in achieving excellent crimp fixation. Trützschler’s expertise in yarn texturing is showcased through their unique HPc texturing unit and the subsequent cooling drum. The straight yarn path from the second duo onwards reduces stress on the yarn, ensuring better crimp characteristics and retention. The HPc textured multi-filament yarns produced by the OPTIMA MO60 are not only bulky and even but also exhibit superior crimp stability. The lamella-free texturing process minimizes friction on single filaments, resulting in BCF yarns with distinct and consistent crimp characteristics.

Winding perfect bobbins

Achieving high-quality bobbins is crucial for smooth downstream processes, and the OPTIMA MO60 excels in this area. Trützschler has integrated their proven FW11 2-end winders into the machine, ensuring precise and efficient winding. These compact winders are fully automatic and feature optional step precision winding, guaranteeing perfect bobbins for uncomplicated downstream operations.

Figure: OPTIMA relies on the proven FW11 2-end winders to make a perfect bobbin. Courtesy:

The OPTIMA MO60 also offers high transfer efficiency when using plastic or paper tubes, even when paper tubes are reused multiple times. This feature enhances sustainability, reduces material waste, and improves overall production efficiency.

Central Monitoring Unit (CMU) system

Trützschler Group understands the importance of efficient control and monitoring in modern textile production. To address this need, the OPTIMA MO60 is equipped with the Trützschler Central Monitoring Unit (CMU) system. This advanced system combines all functionalities required to control the extrusion line into a single, user-friendly interface.

Figure: Trützschler Central Monitoring Unit (CMU) system combines all
functionalities to control the extrusion line.

The CMU system features a graphical user interface that provides easy selection and manipulation of all process parameters. Operators can navigate through the system effortlessly, thanks to its self-guiding capabilities. Language selection, recipe management, and sophisticated alarm functions are seamlessly integrated into the CMU system, enabling operators to streamline their workflow and ensure optimal product performance.
CMU system allows for the free selection and combination of trends, providing real-time insights into operating data. This feature is handy for monitoring and analyzing key performance indicators, identifying potential bottlenecks, and making data-driven decisions to optimize production processes.

OPTIMeye Industry 4.0 package

In line with Trützschler’s commitment to embracing Industry 4.0 principles, the OPTIMA MO60 can be equipped with the optional OPTIMeye package. This Industry 4.0 solution collects and archives data from all Trützschler BCF (Bulked Continuous Filament) and IDY lines across multiple production facilities.
OPTIMeye provides manufacturers with comprehensive information for analyzing and optimizing production. By offering an overview of the performance of Trützschler plants, OPTIMeye enables users to monitor operations without leaving their office. Trend and alarm archives, production data, and energy consumption are made available on a password-protected web server, ensuring data security and accessibility.

The data collected by OPTIMeye can be seamlessly integrated into existing production planning processes through OPC UA or MySQL. This integration allows for the effective scheduling of maintenance actions and facilitates the development of an intelligent supply chain, ultimately minimizing production costs.

Pro-Active lifecycle management & Modernized Maintenance

Trützschler Group understands that maintaining the performance and efficiency of an extrusion system over time is essential for sustained success. With their pro-active lifecycle management approach, they offer comprehensive technical and technological services to ensure that the OPTIMA MO60 continues to deliver optimal results year after year.

The company has a large stock of over 2,000 different spare parts that can be shipped on short notice. This ensures minimal downtime and quick replacement of critical components when needed.

Trützschler offers secured parts for electrical systems, along with electrical upgrades and retrofits. These enhancements improve the machine’s performance and reliability and keep it up-to-date with the latest technological advancements.

Trützschler provides services such as heat-pipe and recoating, as well as a motor overhaul for DSR (Double-Shell Roll) draw rolls to address the maintenance needs of fast-rotating parts. Additionally, chuck service involves the replacement of defective and worn parts, oil changes, and balancing. These services help to extend the lifespan of crucial components, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing the risk of breakdowns.

The OPTIMA MO60 is also equipped with upgradability options. Trützschler offers upgrades for the texturing system, allowing manufacturers to take advantage of the latest advancements in yarn texturing technology. By incorporating these upgrades, users can achieve higher uniformity, better crimp characteristics and retention, expanded operating ranges, higher production speeds, and energy savings.

Trützschler Group provides maintenance plans tailored to the specific needs of their customers. These plans ensure the OPTIMA MO60 is regularly inspected, serviced, and optimized to maintain process stability and yarn quality. On-site inspections and detailed reports highlighting the machine’s performance and recommending necessary actions to enhance efficiency.

The company also offers comprehensive training programs, either on-site or at their facility in Winterthur. These training sessions cover basic and advanced handling and maintenance topics, empowering operators and technicians with the knowledge and skills required to maximize the machine’s performance and longevity.

Trützschler Group’s OPTIMA MO60 is a remarkable machine designed to meet the specific needs of IDY and carpet yarn manufacturers. OPTIMeye Industry 4.0 package ensures efficient production, real-time monitoring, and data-driven decision-making through its advanced features, such as perfect bobbin winding, the Central Monitoring Unit (CMU) system, and the
Trützschler Group ensures that the OPTIMA MO60 remains a reliable and high-performing machine throughout its operational lifespan.

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