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Digital all over pigment printing technology: Sustainable printing solution by KERAjet

Digital textile printing has become a prevalent method in the apparel industry due to its cost-effectiveness and eco-friendly approach compared to alternative fabric engraving techniques. As a result, numerous businesses within the sector have embraced this approach to manufacture their products, appreciating its exceptional print quality and versatility when reproducing images. In the realm of technological solutions for the printing industry in Spain, one standout player is KERAjet. This company boasts an extensive catalog of digital devices designed specifically for digital textile printing.

Multi-head textile printers from KERAjet have the potential to transform the digital textile printing sector, presenting a versatile and efficient solution for printing various fabric types with pigments. These printers are engineered with the distinctive capability to accommodate multiple ink types within a single machine, providing enhanced flexibility and customization throughout the printing process. In contrast to alternative fabric printing techniques, this approach is not only more cost-effective but also environmentally conscious.

Depending on the unique requirements and production objectives of each company, there exists an appropriate KERAjet digital textile printer model. These printers cater to a variety of ink types, each possessing distinct characteristics tailored for specific applications and fabric varieties. To facilitate the application of various ink types, such as pigmented inks, dye-sublimation inks, or reactive inks, these models are equipped with a multi-head system on specialized print heads.

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