• GUATEMALA CITY – Workers at a Guatemelan garment factory, who were laid off in 2013 and then later rehired in 2015 without compensation, have won back $300,000 in back pay they were legally due. It follows the interventions of the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC), which launched an investigation into workers' complaints earlier this year, and […]
  • In the second of his series of articles on how climate change is set to impact the cotton industry, cotton, and agriculture our correspondent Simon Ferrigno looks at data, legislation and mitigation. We are now as little as five years away from “blowing” the carbon budget required to keep global warming from breaching 1.5C, according […]
  • ATLANTA – Younger consumers are far more likely to throw away wearable clothing than other age groups, according to a new report from US secondhand clothing wholesaler Garson and Shaw. The study says that 65% of 'Gen Z' consumers throw away at least one item of wearable clothing every month, compared to 36% of 'Gen […]
  • WASHINGTON DC – Workers' rights campaigners have been staging protests across the US calling on sportswear giant Nike to ensure fair pay and conditions for the garment workers who make its products. The demonstrations of support for garment workers in South Asia were part of the Global Labor Justice (GLJ) and Asia Floor Wage Alliance’s […]
  • GENEVA – The Better Cotton initiative has signed a memorium of understanding with German investment fund FS Impact Finance to support gender equality and climate resilience for smallholder farmers in India. Better Cotton says the fund will serve as a pilot to help incentivise cotton farming communities to invest in field-level sustainability and women’s empowerment.
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