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Pailung’s upgraded 4-Way stretch fabric advances elastic fabrics

Pailung, a Taiwanese knitting machine manufacturer, is at the forefront of innovation in the textile industry. Its upgraded 4-way stretch fabric has revolutionized elastic fabrics, setting new standards for quality, sustainability, and design potential.

Overcoming Transparency Issues

One of the biggest challenges with 4-way stretch fabrics is that they can become see-through when stretched. Pailung’s team of engineers spent years researching and developing a solution, eventually altering the original yarn structure to prevent transparency while retaining the fabric’s flexibility.

Enhanced Durability

Pailung’s 4-way stretch fabrics are also highly durable, thanks to rigorous in-house testing and the use of high-quality materials. The brand’s Open Innovation Lab (OIL) puts fabric through rigorous repeated testing, in line with international standards, to observe its functionality and find areas for improvement. Results from the lab show that Pailung’s fabrics have an elastic recovery rate of over 150%, surpassing industry standards. Additionally, the fabrics excel in pilling and snagging tests, with the vast majority reaching level 4.5+ in the latter, a benchmark for high quality.

Color Jacquard 4-Way Stretch

Pailung’s color jacquard 4-way stretch is a particularly innovative fabric that uses a jacquard technique to knit up to three colors into intricate patterns. This method obtains excellent color purity and saturation with noticeably less grin-through than printing. Additionally, different yarn types can be mixed to allow designers to create fabrics with different functional properties, such as moisture-wicking and breathability.

Benefits for Consumers and the Environment

Pailung’s color jacquard 4-way stretch fabric offers several benefits for both consumers and the environment. In contrast to traditional printing, knitting colored yarns together directly to create patterns is better for both the consumer and the environment. It reduces energy consumption by cutting the number of finishing steps, and produces durable patterns that extend garments’ lifespans. Pailung’s technology also allows designers to meet the growing demand for dyed yarn or dope-dyed yarn, which further increase fabric’s color fastness and durability by preventing dyes from leaking out.

Boosted Production Capacity

Pailung has also made significant strides to enhance the production processes of its 4-way stretch fabrics. The knitting machines for both plain and color jacquard 4-way stretch have experienced significant boosts in output capacity, producing more fabric in less time. For plain, Pailung’s KD3.2B-W machine has been ramped up by 25%, while color jacquard’s KD2.5CJB-W machine has seen increases of 16% compared to its predecessor. This boosted output saves energy during fabric production and helps to improve sustainability within the textile industry.

Figure: Pailung showcases their innovation in ITMA 2023

Programmable Continuously Variable Transmission (PCVT) Take-Up System

What’s more, Pailung has released its own programmable continuously variable transmission (PCVT) take-up system. This cutting-edge technology provides multiple winding speed settings for each winding rod from the beginning to the end of the fabric winding. Typically, fabric rolling machines have two axes, an upper and a lower one. In the past, the speeds of the upper and lower axes had to be the same. However, the PCVT now allows the speeds to be independently adjusted, making it more suitable for handling fabrics that are sensitive to tension, especially 4-way stretch.

Versatile Application Potential

Pailung’s upgraded 4-way stretch fabrics have a wide range of applications, including underwear, swimwear, sportswear, and fashion. The fabric’s seamless blend of functionality and style has led to an increasing trend in fashion applications.

Pailung’s upgraded 4-way stretch fabric is a revolutionary textile innovation that offers superior quality, sustainability, and design potential. The company’s commitment to innovation is evident in its ongoing research and development efforts, as well as its investments in cutting-edge production technologies. Pailung’s 4-way stretch fabric is setting new standards for the textile industry and has the potential to revolutionize a wide range of applications.

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