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Men’s fashion trend 2024 showcased at Paris & Milan

Masculine fashion is undergoing a radical transition in 2024, as more and more men embrace gender-neutral, self-expressive, and sustainable styles. From bold blazers and slim-fit denim to mesh tops and short hemlines, the trends of 2024 challenge the conventional norms of menswear and celebrate diversity and individuality. The men’s fashion weeks in Paris and Milan have showcased a diverse range of styles and influences for the Fall/Winter 2024 season. From political statements to quiet luxury, from extravagant glamor to grunge aesthetics, the designers have explored different facets of masculinity and identity through their collections.

Streetwear was once the undisputed king of the fashion scene, but this time it has taken a step back. Winter sandals were strutting their stuff, cozy garments embracing like a warm hug, and enough knitwear to make grandma jealous.  But it marks a break from the recent reign of sneakerheads and sweatpants types, taking more inspiration from timeless tailoring than street influences.

Fair isle jumpers coming back to life:

The colorful patterned knitwear pieces have been given an update this season, rather than being limited to their classic form as seen at Kolor. Loewe transfers the style to a long-sleeved shirt for FW24 and pairs it with loose beige baggy cargo trousers.

Brand Sacai takes this trend to a new dimension which is then integrated by Japanese luxury brands. They used this pattern for fluffy long jumpers across the entire collection from denim two-pieces consisting of skirts and trousers to oversized cardigans and outerwear. The collection also features slashed slipovers and floor-length dresses, worn by models of all genders.

Figure: FW24 Menswear; Fair isle jumpers (from left): Loewe, Kolor, Sacai Bild Source:  Launchmetrics/spotlight

Embracing the water

Emporio Armani is a soul brand that just took the adventures without barriers where sharp silhouettes are paired with military boots. The collection exudes the charm of the sailor and the spirit of travelers with navy hats, aviator shades, and rope-detailed belts.

The Prada fashion show featured an office-like setup with brown carpets and blue wall dividers partitioning the cubicles, each equipped with desktop computers adorned with the brand logo.

Brand Dazed’s content creator Elliot Hoste noted, “It was humdrum artifice on top of idyllic nature, perhaps about the daydreaming of escape we all do while trapped in our 9-5s.” He added, “There was also a touch of the apocalyptic: how long would it take for flora and fauna to reclaim the man-made when all the humans are gone?” The water served as a catalytic element, announcing a collection where tradition and experimentation intertwine in a rework of the Italian bourgeoisie.

The FW24 Prada man alternates formal coats with a Canadian tuxedo, wears goggles and a pool cap, and puts on sandals as well as lace-ons.

                      Figure: Embracing the water in fashion, Paris fashion week source: Istituto Marangoni

Supersize is the new trend

From bags to jeans and jewelry, menswear silhouettes and accessories will be bigger and baggier in 2024. Slouchy fits dominated menswear last year, which saw a relaxation of suiting for SS24 whereby items like relaxed chinos had stronger sell-through than ever.

This will continue through 2024. As traditional tailoring players like Zegna and Loro Piana attempt to modernize, they will continue to relax silhouettes for Gen Z who style with versatility and comfort from their clothes. This will manifest through baggy trousers, oversized blazers, and layering combos such as hoodies with blazers.

Tote bag is the new masculine fashion

Men will even supersize their accessories in 2024. The women’s “It girl tote” trend, which has seen brands like 16 Arlington and Loewe enlarge their shoulder bags into voluminous totes in recent seasons, will seep into menswear this year, as men’s luxury handbags continue to boom. Berluti launched a bag collection at the end of 2023, featuring its large Jour Softy tote. Gucci pushed its monogram travel bag during Wimbledon in June, via ambassador Jannik Sinner. Louis Vuitton launched its monogram travel bags and totes in various bright shades in 2023, worn almost instantly by men’s creative director Pharrell. And Bottega Veneta’s new oversized Andiamo tote, which debuted on the women’s runway, has been spotted on menswear icons like Jacob Elordi and A$AP Rocky in recent months. The latter wore a bubblegum pink style on his birthday in October, followed by an olive green iteration slung over his shoulder days later in New York with partner Rihanna.

Shifting to the colors: Concept of Jelly dressing

Spanning home décor, couture, and beauty ideas, the jellyfish aesthetic is bubbling up across men’s and womenswear for 2024, with puffed-up silhouettes and accessories, lilac and blue tones, iridescent fabrics and fluid lines. Search has surged for terms like “blue jellyfish” (up 155 percent), “jellyfish hat” (220 percent), and “jellyfish lamp” (95 percent) in recent months, per the Pinterest report. Early signs of the trend include Timothée Chalamet’s lilac latex look at Wonka’s Tokyo premiere, the bubbly jelly-like diamond necklaces sported by Justin and Hailey Bieber in recent months, and so on.

Figure: Shin Ishikawa in Jelly dressing Source: Getty images

Sparkle, glamor, and glitz

Fashion designers are trending to add a little glitz and glamor to men’s partywear. There have been various tops decorated with silver, sparkling rhinestones showcased in FW’24. From muscle shirts to turtlenecks, styles catered to a wide range of preferences. It’s to be anticipated that these sparkling pieces combined with understated suit trousers or the occasional dark skirt will take center stage this year.

A political message to the world

Fashion is often used to reflect society. While Ukraine or Palestine issues are going on, designers are reflecting them into outfits.

Bluemarble and Paradis made a stand for peace in the form of the peace symbol and a white dove print respectively. Emeric Tchatchoua, the designer behind the Paris-based label Paradis, additionally showcased a bag with the words “The World needs more Love“.

The bag is part of a look that features the face of Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara on a red hoodie. A political statement – albeit a controversial one – coincides with the return of a print that was particularly popular on tees in the early 2000s, regardless of the wearer’s prior knowledge of the person depicted.

The Berlin label GmbH also took a stance and spoke out against discrimination not only, but also during their fashion show. Serhat Işık and Benjamin Huseby, the duo behind the brand, emphasized their solidarity with Palestine in a speech after the show. The collection emphasizes this using a watermelon print – the fruit became a symbol of protest as it features the colors of the Palestinian flag – and kufiya, also known colloquially as “pali cloth“.

 Figure: Political message to stop war in menswear 2024 Source: Vogue magazine

Leggings in men’s fashion

Pants in men’s fashion have become wider again in recent seasons, but some brands now seem to be going in the complete opposite direction and challenging gender stereotypes. Instead of jeans and suit pants, leggings and tights are also appearing on the runways. Leggings are also being combined with boots. Doublet uses tight-fitting trousers in contrast to an oversized jumper, thus playing with the silhouette. JW Anderson, the famous British designer makes use of dark, transparent tights. He also pairs the piece with loose-fitting shirts and jumpers and makes it happen on the runway.

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