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June 1-3: 19th Istanbul International Yarn Fair Unveiling Industry Innovations

The 19th Istanbul International Yarn Fair is set to take place from June 1 to June 3 at the TUYAP Fair and Exhibition Center. The fair will bring together manufacturers in the yarn industry to showcase their innovations and explore sector advancements. With an expanded area of 40,000 square meters, including new additional halls, the event reflects the significant demand and interest in the yarn industry.

Over 500 companies are expected to participate in the fair, making it the largest yarn fair in Eurasia. It anticipates welcoming 15,000 visitors from various countries, including those from Europe, the United States, Brazil, Algeria, China, and many others. This international presence will contribute to boosting exports and facilitating collaborations between local and global manufacturers.

To accommodate the growing interest, new halls have been added to the fair, expanding its size by 100% compared to the previous year. Online ticket requests have also increased by 25% as industry professionals show keen interest in the event.

The fair will showcase a wide range of yarn types, including synthetic-artificial filament fibers, cotton yarns, wool and animal hair yarns, vegetable fiber yarns, silk yarns, and various other types. A special exhibition area will be dedicated to recycled yarns, highlighting the industry’s focus on circular economy and sustainable practices. Visitors will have the opportunity to witness the journey of transforming waste materials, such as plastic bottles, into finished yarn products.

The fair aims to promote eco-friendly, high-performance, and high-quality yarn products. Last year, participants reported an 81% increase in order volumes, and 32% of visitors made purchases at the fair. With ongoing promotional activities, the organizers strive to attract a diverse and larger number of visitors compared to the previous year’s attendance of 10,282 industry professionals.

The Istanbul International Yarn Fair serves as a crucial platform for industry players to showcase their innovations, explore new business opportunities, and contribute to the growth and development of the international yarn industry.

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