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ACT urges Biden to include textile circularity in sustainable procurement

The American Circular Textiles (ACT) coalition has urged the Biden-Harris Administration to include textile circularity in its plan to increase sustainable procurement by the federal government. Textile circularity is a practice that reduces textile waste and environmental impact by using recycled materials, extending product lifespan, and recovering fibers. ACT believes that textile circularity can help the government achieve its goal of net-zero emissions by 2050, as well as create economic opportunities and jobs in the US.

ACT executive director Rachel Kibbe submitted the letter to the Biden-Harris Administration on behalf of the coalition, outlining the need to incorporate textiles into the procurement strategy and extend collaborative opportunities to textile industry stakeholders.

Figure: ACT executive director Rachel Kibbe, Courtesy: Post script media

“As the largest purchasing body in the world, the U.S. government has the influence to catalyze more sustainable options, and scale innovation for environmentally preferred alternatives that create jobs and boosts our economy. I am optimistic that the Biden administration will reverse this trend of leaving textiles out of important funding opportunities and incorporate textile circularity, including recycled content, reuse, rental, and repair, into their efforts to enhance sustainable product and service procurement.”

Rachel Kibbe, ACT executive director

According to ACT, textile circularity can help address the growing problem of textile waste in the US, which has increased by 80% since 2004. Textile waste is the fastest-growing waste category in the country, accounting for over 30 billion pounds of landfill and incinerator disposal every year. This waste not only costs billions of dollars for taxpayers and private companies but also contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. This waste has a significant impact on the production of methane, which is a potent greenhouse gas responsible for around 25% of global warming.

ACT is a coalition of leading fashion organizations and brands that are committed to advancing circularity in the US fashion industry. Some of its members include H&M, Reformation, thredUP, PoliticallyInFashion, Rebecca Ballard Advisory, Transparentem, and TS Designs. ACT’s mission is to advocate for public policy that supports fashion circularity, educate consumers and stakeholders about the benefits of circular textiles, and facilitate collaboration among industry players to scale innovation and best practices.

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